Refrigerator Look Book: Lacey Stone

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Bragging about how much kale she eats is not Stone's style. The celeb trainer says bread, cupcakes, and booze have a place. Check out her surprising fridge.

"I can’t stand fitness professionals who chatter on about how they only eat kale," celebrity trainer and fitness personality Lacey Stone says. "There's so much more to life than just eating salad. I like having a drink with my friends," says Stone, who grew her fitness following in New York and now works in Los Angeles and has become one of Flywheel's most sought after instructors.

The buff blonde is even adding author to her resume, with her new diet and exercise book, The Fitness Bible, due out next year. We asked Stone for some of her diet secrets now, by letting us peak into her fridge.

While Stone obviously follows a health-conscious diet (check out those arms!), much to our surprise, we found her fridge filled with more cans of beer than fresh leafy greens and lean proteins. What gives?

"Bread, cupcakes, and alcohol are not the worst things ever," she says. "Just watch your portion size." Read on for more about Stone's everything-in-moderation approach.

Your life sounds extremely busy. Are there any snacks you take with you from training clients to Booty Camp and Flywheel and back? I’m obsessed with mixed salted nuts. They're the only salt I get in my diet, so I really enjoy eating them. If you buy a full can, you end up eating too much and then you feel guilty. So I'm obsessed with the single serving size packages. I also eat a lot of apples throughout the day. And the BluePrint juices are great on the go, if you get one that’s not too many calories. I love the ones with pineapple and cayenne, because they fool your body into feeling satiated.Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 10.12.46 AM

Great tips. Speaking of eating on the go, I really don’t see a lot of food in your fridge. Does that mean you eat meals out a lot? Since I'm often too busy to cook, I keep a lot of healthy restaurants' numbers in my phone, like my favorite Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese places. When I’m coming home, I'll place a delivery order and the food will be waiting for me by the time I get there. That way, I don't go straight into my kitchen when I'm totally starving and raid the cupboards.

Okay, I follow. But I do have to mention the beer in the door, the keg, and margarita mix. Are you a big drinker? How do you incorporate that into a healthy lifestyle? I have a lot of friends and we like to have a good time. I’d say I drink about three days a week, but I only have one drink per night. If I’m having a really good time, maybe two. If I have a photo shoot, then I won't have a drink for the three weeks leading up to it. I know when I need to cut back to get the body I want for those things. When I was first getting my body, it was very hard for me to break a pattern. You have to be more disciplined in the beginning. But once you're at a good point, a little alcohol won't hurt.

Ah, ha. Good to know. I spy creamer and powdered Parmesan cheese. Does that mean you’re okay with dairy and processed foods? Sometimes, with the cheese, if I come home really late, I make popcorn as a snack and put a little of the Parmesan on there. Generally, I try to stay away from dairy because it’s bad for digestion. I use the creamer for my coffee.... I know you could get a less processed one, but I was in Trader Joe's and I was in a hurry and I thought, this will do for now. It’s not going to kill me. But if I were trying to get ready for a photo shoot where I had to have a six pack, then those things are out the window.

There are lots of frozen foods in your freezer. Do you prefer cooking frozen to fresh foods? Frozen vegetables aren't bad for you. I know my schedule, my energy levels, and the fact that my interest in cooking is very low, so frozen foods make sense for me. I have frozen shrimp and calamari that's not fried, tomato soup with shrimp, and a little healthy vegetable burrito.

And what does a pre and post workout snack look like for you? Before a workout, I may have a Kind bar or a banana. After, I’ll get a salad with a ton of vegetables and salmon, or an amazing protein smoothie from the Body Factory. Basically, I have some carbs before a workout to fuel up, and protein right after to repair. Plus water, water, water. Always.

Do you feel like women Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 10.13.04 AMwho work out a lot have to eat differently for energy and stamina than others? You need to eat more protein if you’re working super hard. You just need to. It depends on the intensity of workout—it's different if you're just doing yoga verus Flywheel cycling. But the main thing to look out for is portion size. You just need enough food to feel like you have energy. Ask yourself, could I be full for two to three hours, and then eat again? If the answer is yes, stop eating. A lot of people eat like they’re they’re never going to eat again. —Jamie McKillop

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