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‘I’m a Relationship Therapist, and These 16 Valentine’s Day Gifts Are on My List’

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The notion of Valentine’s Day is often embraced in a polarizing way; it's either loved or hated, largely depending on the relationship status of whomever you ask. That makes sense, too, considering so much marketing for the occasion is clearly geared for couples. But what a missed opportunity; as a sex and relationship therapist, it's my opinion that any reason to celebrate love—whether solo, partnered, or otherwise—is a win. And there are so many products and gifts that you can give anyone in your life (including yourself) to further that message.

While some of my favorite Valentine's Day gifts are oriented for folks in romantic partnerships, most can be used solo or partnered. Because even though mainstream society specifies that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, I'm of the opinion that it's more simply a holiday to love—and that can certainly mean spoiling ourselves.

So, without further ado, check out my favorite Valentine's Day gifts, as a relationship therapist, to spice up whatever kind of holiday you are having.

16 Valentine's Day gifts that a relationship therapist approves

Best Self Relationship Journal — $69.00

This set of journals is an excellent option for reconnecting with your partner in a new way, getting to know a new partner, or exploring deeper depths of an existing relationship. It’s full of research-based thoughtful questions, prompts, and activities for you and your partner to discuss and navigate together. Dim the lights, light a candle, pour a glass or two of wine (if that’s your thing), and dive in together.

LeWand Mini Pleasures Set — $105.00

This miniature set doesn’t disappoint. It comes complete with a featherweight rechargeable mini wand with four vibration intensities and six patterns, which is great for solo use or partnered sessions. Plus, it includes a miniature version of LeWand’s best-selling stainless steel Hoop, a double-ended pleasure tool built for G-spot stimulation and prostate play.

Mohonk Mountain House stay — $550.00

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, upstate New York’s Mohonk Mountain house does not disappoint. With breathtaking views, a five-star spa, activities on offer, and upscale dining included in your room fee, this is a one-of-a-kind mountain escape perfect for couples and solo retreats alike. In fact, no matter where you live, the idea for a weekend getaway is likely a winning one.

We-Vibe Chorus — $199.00

If you’re looking for a new couple’s toy for penetrative sex, this is it. You can control it via an app or with a small, handheld remote control that responds to how you squeeze it.

Dame Com — $125.00

The Com is Dame’s newest toy, and it’s big, beautiful, flexible, and can be used for many different erogenous zones and massage points. The Com is a great Valentine’s Day gift for most folks because it isn’t explicitly designed for one body part and encourages exploration for all.

Aimee Kestenberg Nordy Crossbody Mini Bag — $148.00

Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy. I, for instance, tend to use the same bag forever, primarily out of practicality, not because I necessarily love using it. With this in mind, consider what might bring you (or someone you love joy)—especially if it’s not something you’d normally buy (or they’d normally buy for themselves).

Future Method Explorer Kit — $90.00

Future Method’s Explorer Kit is designed for folks who are beginners and experienced in the realm of anal play. It comes with an anal douche, butt + body scrub, and butt + body soothing cream. If you’re new to booty play, learning how to douche with your partner(s) could be an enjoyable and unique experience. Plus, what’s not to love about giving your partner’s rear some attention with a scrub and some amazing-feeling cream?

Cake So-Low Lotion — $18.00

This is the best gift for any penis-owner who masturbates. It’s coconut oil-based, which adds a smooth glide without feeling greasy.

We're Not Really Strangers game — $25.00

This game is fantastic for long-term couples, new couples, dating couples, friendships—really, folks in any relationship dynamic. The format of a game removes some pressure associated with being vulnerable on command and still opens up opportunities for intimacy. It’s a perfect activity for a Valentine’s night in.

Savage X Fenty Cotton Jersey Unlined Bra, — $45.00

This bra is comfortable, sexy, and cotton (which makes for easy care and cozy wear).

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Set — $178.00

Staying in this Valentine’s Day solo or want something comfy but still spicy to wear to bed? This washable silk set from Lunya is the one to buy. It’s machine-washable and sexy while also being so incredibly comfortable. I’m a huge believer that when we feel good in what we are wearing, it helps us feel better and sexier. Meaning, you deserve to buy yourself something sexy just because it makes you feel good. And you can certainly extend that same kindness to loved ones.

Tushy Classic 3.0 bidet — $99.00

Hear me out on this one: This bidet is not just for going number two, but for genital hygiene in general. For menstruating people, it allows for easy cleanup or a before-or-after sex spritz without having to shower.

Zumio Sadie — $135.00

Zumio isn’t just another vibrator; in fact, it’s technically not a vibrator at all. The Zumio Sadie doesn’t vibrate, but rather rotates, providing a different kind of pleasure-rich stimulation. Because of its fine tip, the Zumio allows for direct clitoral pleasure.

Foria Intimacy Suppositories with CBD — $20.00

These suppositories are made with 50mg of broad-spectrum organic CBD and can be used vaginally or anally. Using suppositories can help with painful penetrative sex, or a way to explore new sensations.

V for Vibes Rose Vibrator — $71.00

Whether you are alone or with a lover(s) on Valentine’s Day, this vibrator is a whole vibe. Plus, it’s very festive to have a rose vibrator, and if I’m receiving any roses for Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s in vibrator form.

Press Pause CBD Bath Bomb — $25.00

I love a bath bomb, whether it’s for solo recoup time or a partnered bath sesh. The perk of this bath bomb is that it includes CBD, lavender essential oils, and is made in the USA with quality ingredients to ensure it’s safe and yummy for your body.

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