7 Chiropractor-Approved Hammocks That’ll Give You Beach-Reading Vibes From Home

If you needed another reason to add a hammock to your summer shopping list, you're in luck. Aside from bringing all the feel-good vibes as you chill in one, book and lemonade in hand, they're actually really gentle on your body, too. So much so that a chiropractor would recommend them to any of her clients.

According to board-certified chiropractor Jossana Ghobryal, DC, there are a few reasons why hammocks are a healthy pick for relaxing. "Surprisingly, hammocks were found to be great for your body. Because of the way your body is enclosed in it, it takes pressure off the spine, providing relief from inflammation and arthritis," she says. "The rocking motion of the hammock also allows for your vestibular system to kick in and has a soothing effect. This isn't only beneficial for better sleep patterns, but it also improves your mental health by reducing stress and increasing mental focus and concentration."

All that from lying in a hammock? Sold. But before you kick off your shoes and enjoy basking in the sunshine (with sunscreen, of course!), there are some body alignment tips Dr. Ghobryal thinks you should know. "First of all, the hammock should be strong enough to support your weight without getting twisted," she says. "Also, you should always sit down on it before attempting to lie down. Then after lying down, your body should be in a diagonal position in order for the hammock to cradle you properly."

Now that you have the scoop, these are the best relaxing hammocks to shop right now.

7 of the most relaxing hammocks for summer

1. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock, $63
relaxing hammocks

Lying in this lightly-woven cotton hammock has been described as being similar to chillin' on a soft sponge. I mean, who wouldn't want that? It's also big enough to fit two people—or, you know, you and your pup.

2. Inno Stage Double Size Travel Hammock, $17

relaxing hammock

This two-person hammock comes with a carrying bag, making it easy to pack up and set up wherever you want: your patio, backyard, porch, the beach—you name it.

3. Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock, $70

relaxing hammocks

This hammock was handwoven by local Mayan artists in Yucatan, Mexico, making it a purchase you can feel good about. It's also made from a cotton and nylon blend that will keep you cozy for hours.

4. All Nahlo Single Lightweight Hammock, $41

relaxing hammocks

This hammock is made from cotton tope, making it durable for years to come. It was also designed by an artist in a small village in Mexico, and every purchase enables him, his family, and those who live in his village to continue producing these hammocks.

5. Omni Two Person Hammock with Compact Steel Stand, $125

relaxing hammocks

This hammock is pricier than most, but that's because it comes with a steel stand. Even better: That stand can be packed up in a carrying case, allowing you to set it up anywhere.

6. Vivere Natural Fabric Hammock, $50

relaxing hammocks

If you're looking for the perfect boho hammock, this is it. It's made from an airy cotton fabric, and has beautiful crochet-like detailing that will certainly stand out on your Insta feed.

7. Best Choice Products Cotton Double Hammock, $55

relaxing hammocks

This spacious hammock makes relaxing easy. It also has a "eye" weave pattern that promotes airflow, keeping you nice and cool on hot days.

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