Why This Bicontinental Food Blogger Starts Her Day With a Cold Shower

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Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Rens Kroes and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome. 

Rens Kroes
Food blogger and author

I typically wake up around 7 a.m. and, if I'm working out, which I do three times a week, this is when I get it in. I'm currently splitting my time between Amsterdam and New York City, and when I'm in Amsterdam, I work out with a trainer, but in New York, I typically go for a run, SoulCycle, or YogaWorks.

On the days I don't work out, I meditate for about ten or 15 minutes. (Okay truth: Sometimes I can manage only five.) I find that even just a few minutes of meditation a day helps make me feel more present. Just to take a moment to relax and breathe is a good way to start the day.

After my workout or meditation, I drink a glass of warm lemon water. Then, I head to the bathroom and dry brush my entire body. It makes my skin feel soft and flexible—I love it. After dry brushing, I take a cold shower. I'll admit, cold showers take some getting used to, but I started doing it a couple years ago and love it. It really improves circulation, and afterward, I feel so warm because the blood is really circulating and my heart is beating faster.

Just to take a moment to relax and breathe is a good way to start the day.

For my face, I put on a serum and then a moisturizer. I don't wear a lot of makeup—I'm much more of a skin-care girl. I don't really do my hair either. I honestly have no idea how to do it, so I just let it air dry. Next, I brush my teeth and follow that with tongue scrapping. When you see what comes off, it's like, what?! Even when you do it every morning.

Then, I finally eat! Sometimes I'll make a bowl of oatmeal. Other days, I'll make a green smoothie with spinach, banana, lemon, oat milk, and adaptogens, AKA herbs that fight stress. (My go-tos are maca, reishi, and ashwagandha.) In the summer, I love coconut yogurt bowls with fresh or dried fruit and homemade granola on top. I always have coffee for breakfast, too. My favorite way to make it is with butter, Bulletproof-style, but I'll just make regular coffee if I don't have much time.

Once my breakfast and coffee are made, I sit down and get to work. Because I have so much going on in Amsterdam and my assistant lives there, I wake up to a lot of emails. Breakfast-time is the first moment I take to respond to them—and also post something to Instagram. And just like that, I'm ready to start off my day!

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