Rent the Runway’s Closet Concierge Aims to Make Packing for Vacation a Thing of the Past

Photo: Rent the Runway
I'm a big fan of the innovative packing tips evangelized by women who somehow effortlessly stock their suitcases for multi-city tours. However, I will never possess such impeccably orchestrated packing skills. Typically, I end up carting around everything in my closet just in case—or alternatively, having to buy all the things I failed to pack in an effort to streamline my travel wardrobe.

Rent the Runway's latest offering may save your next trip, sartorially-speaking, as well as your sanity. The clothing rental company has partnered with W Hotels on Closet Concierge, a service launching Thursday that allows you to order clothes directly to one of four W Hotels locations, including Aspen, South Beach, Hollywood, and Washington, D.C.

For $69—or about the price of an overweight piece of luggage—you'll get four styles sent to the hotel before your arrival. While Closet Concierge allows access to the site's entire Unlimited Closet, customers will also be able to choose from customized collections curated for each destination based on trends, climate, and culture. These capsules are pretty clutch when visiting a city for which you're not sure how to dress. (D.C.? No idea.) At the end of your trip, simply drop your worn clothing at the front desk to return—more or less the dream.

In case you missed it, this isn't the only big news to come out of the RTR offices this week. The company has added athleisure to its virtual racks, from brands like P.E. Nation and Lululemon, as well as ski wear from Perfect Moment, Spyder, and more. While I'm personally not super interested in shared leggings, I'm a very occasional ski bunny, so the latter is a game-changing development. After all, coveted ski apparel can be quite costly, but looking cute for après ski is, like, the whole point of hitting the slopes (or is that just me?). Plus, there's a bear-printed onesie in the mix. In any case, you can shop these new collections or sign-up for your first Closet Concierge experience now.

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