Make This Booty Workout 10 Times More Effective—All You Need Is a Resistance Band

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Buns of Steel may have been a kitschy hallmark of the '90s exercise scene, but it had staying power for a reason: Booty workouts are a crowd fave. A healthy, strong set of glutes not only boosts your confidence, but these huge muscles protect your low back, prevent pain, and power up your steps so that everyday movement is a little easier.

So why not optimize your booty workouts? Here’s a “this one thing will change your workouts” that actually isn’t clickbait—a resistance band ($23) is an exceptionally powerful (and simple!) tool that trainers and physical therapists will vouch for time and time again. They can add a layer of challenge (and extra burn) to a bodyweight workout, or you can design an entire workout around their use. They’re flat, lightweight, ideal for traveling, and you don’t need to invest in super expensive equipment to get results. If you’re going to add anything to your exercise gear repertoire, resistance bands should be it.

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We love Theraband (the OG in this category) and loop resistance bands, both of which are around $15 for a set of three, and you can find even less expensive ones at your go-to retailers like Amazon. Once you have those in hand, we have a 20-minute glute-attacking booty workout for you to try. Are you ready?

Try this 20-minute Good Moves equipment-free lower-body workout; it doesn’t call for resistance bands, but if you add them in, we promise you will feel the burn way more. If you don’t believe us, do your own A/B experiment, and do it sans equipment on one day, and try it again with bands the next day.

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