This 16-Minute Resistance Band Warmup Is Designed for Runners, but Ideal for Every Workout

Confession: I can't remember the last time I warmed up in any significant way before a run, or really before any type of workout. I know, I know—this is so bad for my body! But with limited time to dedicate to getting my fitness on (243,789 articles per week don't write themselves!), I usually like to skip straight to the meat of the workout. But on the latest episode of Good Moves, Nike master trainer Traci Copeland aims to inspire us all to be intentional pre-workout by demoing a comprehensive 16-minute resistance band warmup.

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  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

Copeland notes that it's important to be deliberate with your warmup (and definitely not skip it altogether!), as your workout actually begins with these pre-game stretches and strategic movements.

"Today we're gonna do a pre-run warmup, but we're gonna do it with some [resistance] bands," she says. "Now, bands are a great way to activate certain muscle groups whether you're a runner, you're doing a HIIT workout, or a strength workout. It's gonna be a great way to warm your body up and get those muscles activated."

In the video, Copeland first begins with a series of stretches: walking knee hugs, which are a good way to warm up the hip flexors; walking hamstring stretches; inner thigh stretches; and walking quad stretches.

Then, she grabs the resistance band to supercharge the rest of the movements demoed. "[With the] resistance band, you can go light to heavy," she says. "I would go on the lighter to medium sizes because this is still a warmup." Then she leads through two rounds consisting of six moves each, including my personal all-time favorite: clamshells. (Seriously! I inexplicably love them!)

Suddenly realizing you probably need to be more extra when it comes to your warmups? Press play to add the perfect prep to your next workout.

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