This 25-Minute Workout Tones Your Arms and Abs Without Lifting a Single Dumbbell

Many workouts meant to target your arms require dumbbells. But using a resistance band to tone your arms and your abs can be just as effective, and trainer Charlee Atkins has a 25-minute workout to prove it.

In the latest episode of Good Moves, Atkins goes through a series of arm and ab exercises that will make your muscles burn almost immediately. While most are done using only a light resistance band, the simple piece of equipment stands up to what you'd find at the gym. According to Sam Tooley, an elite performance coach and founder of Alpha Fit Club in New Jersey, resistance bands provide an equal—if not greater—load as dumbbells and kettlebells. Plus, they're generally much more affordable and certainly easier to hide out of sight in small spaces.

After Atkins' warm-up—which involves wrist circles, shoulder circles, and some yoga stretches to open up your body—the workout is broken up into three sets of exercises, like seated rows, planks, and lateral hover walks. Many of which have the added bonus of working both your arms and core at the same time. And, they strengthen your body in a much more low-impact way than other options too, as most of the exercises are done lying or sitting on your mat.

A workout that leaves you with sore abs and arms using only a resistance band and minimal movement? Sounds pretty good. But don't take my word for it! Follow along with the video above.

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