The 7-Day Resistance Band Training Plan for Arms, Core and Glutes That Gets an A+ for Small Spaces

Photo: Getty Images/ Stevica Mrdja / EyeEm
Forget investing in a pricey (and space-consuming) set of dumbbells: All you really need to get some solid weight-training in at home is a resistance band. It will help you amp up your bodyweight moves as well as any other piece of gym equipment, and is so compact that you won't even notice it's there when it's not in use (no matter how tiny your living space is).

Thanks to our (free!) YouTube workouts, you can get a full week's worth of full-body workouts using nothing more than one of these souped-up rubber bands. Follow along with the one-week resistance band workout program via the videos below for seven sessions that will help you build muscle from your head to your toes. And the best part? Not a single one will run you more than 30 minutes.


Start the week off with this 30-minute Pilates session, where you'll use a resistance band to take the modality's teeny, tiny moves up a notch. Follow along for proper form, and be sure to engage your core throughout the workout.


Your core encompasses the front and the back of your body, and this 13-minute series will work all 360-degrees of it. You'll need a band that's long enough to wrap around your feet while holding the ends in each hand so that you can really feel the resistance throughout your entire core.


Forget lifting weights (or wine bottles): With this workout, you'll burn out your biceps and triceps in 25-minutes flat using nothing more than a resistance band. And, bonus: You'll manage to get some major ab work in, too.


Use your resistance band to target the back of your body with moves like bent over rows, single arm lat pull-downs, and our personal favorite, the "bend and snap."


Fire up your lower body with this leg series, which involves wrapping your band around your feet and working through Pilates-inspired moves like kickbacks, leg pulses and abductor kicks. By the end, every muscle from your glutes to your toes will be burning.


Get creative with your core workout by adding in a resistance band, which will help make even the most basic crunches feel more challenging. The real FML moment? Bicycles with the band around your feet, which will light up nearly every muscle in your mid-section.


Finish the week off strong with this 25-minute, full-body resistance band workout. You'll work everything from your upper body straight down to your calves, with some serious corework in between. And that's it! You've reached the end of your resistance band workout program.

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