Yes, Every Skin Concern Can Benefit From Retinol—Here’s Why

Newsflash: There are some magical collaborations (à la Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) happening right now in the beauty aisle. The prime example? Retinol, the dermatologist-recommended answer to everything from dull skin to fine lines, is no longer a solo act.

You’ll now find the wrinkle-fighting wonder co-starring in potent blends with other powerhouse ingredients like brightening vitamin C and minor-irritation fighting colloidal oatmeal, making the vitamin A derivative more compatible than ever with different skin needs. To help find the right one for your needs, check out the full spectrum of retinols below—and then snag yours at Sephora.

Scroll down to learn more about double-duty retinol products that go above and beyond boosting your complexion.

The best retinol for your skin concern

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Top photo: Well+Good Creative 

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