It’s Retro Sneakers’ Time To Shine—And Adidas Is Dropping New Styles and Colors of All Your Iconic Faves

Photo: adidas & W+G Creative
POV: Everyone you see is wearing claw clips, bright colors, wide-leg jeans, and a fresh pair of sneakers. No, you're not walking through a high school hallway in the late '90s—it's 2023 and you're scrolling through TikTok.

In case you somehow missed it, retro styles from the ‘90s and Y2K are back in a huge way. The proof? #y2kfashion has over 1.4 billion views on TikTok, and the classic sneaker styles from the turn of the century are once again in the spotlight.

Case in point: The newest revamped styles from adidas, which are modernized versions of the most iconic retro sneakers (think: Stan Smiths and Superstars) to make them a comforting blend of reminiscent and contemporary kicks. And, of course all of them obviously feature adidas’s trademark three stripes.

Whether lacing up a pair of these sneaks instantly takes you back to your high school days, or you're getting in on the three-stripe life for the first time, there's a pair for everyone who's a fan of comfy-cool kicks (so, everyone).

Keep scrolling to get in on the trend with 6 new styles and colors of adidas retro sneakers.

Stan Smith Shoes: Cloud White / Silver Metallic / Gold Metallic — $105.00

If you’re looking for casual sneakers you can wear all the time that still have a bit of oomph to them, look no further than the truly iconic Stan Smiths. This simple pair is a little more luxe then the originals thanks to the silver on the back of the heel, the gold charm adorning the laces, and the gold imprinted Stan Smith label.

Stan Smith Bonega 2B Shoes: Cloud White / Lucid Blue / Core White — $125.00

Metallics not your vibe? This freshly styled pair features a beautiful deep blue color instead, and they get their extra pizzazz from a platform sole that will quickly earn them the designation as your go-to brunch shoe.

Gazelle Bold Shoes: Super Pop / Cloud White / Core White — $120.00

Do you live for adding a pop of pink to your outfit a la Elle Woods? If you said yes, these playful Gazelle shoes were made for you—and made to be featured in a modern reboot of Legally Blonde (fingers crossed!).

Gazelle Shoes: Carbon / Off White / Cream White — $100.00

These carbon and white Gazelle’s are basically the adult version of wearing your indoor soccer shoes to recess. So, if you miss the days of chasing around a soccer ball—or you just think these look cute, because they are—try out this pair of fuss-free sneakers.

Superstar Bonega Shoes: Aluminium / Silver Violet / Off White — $125.00

Ah, the adidas Superstar: Originally released as basketball shoes in the ‘70s, these sneakers later became a closet staple for any three-stripe fan. This pair is a modern twist on the original black and white silhouette with patterned laces, a string charm, and silver violet details.

Retropy E5 W.R.P. Shoes: Blue Dawn / Cloud White / Grey Five — $135.00

Sometimes you want a shoe that’s both cute *and* comfy. That’s where this pair of fun, throwback Retropys comes in. Thanks to their heavily cushioned sole, they’re great for your hot girl walks, and their vintage, dad-shoe look makes them a cool addition to any street-style outfit for extra inspo to show them off outside.


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