5 Retro Shows on Hulu to Fuel Your Shut-in Season Nostalgia

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Arctic winds and frostbite-worthy temperatures can turn even the most extroverted member of your friend group into a recluse (#guilty). Seriously, all of a sudden I can't be bothered with much more than achieving my hygge goals, drinking hot matcha, and binge-watching TV shows.

While Netflix is home to gems like Stranger Things and Glow, Hulu plays host to, like, every important TV show from the '80s and '90s that you either never got around to watching or are totally game to re-binge for the millionth time. (No judgment!)

And since nostalgia feels like the mental and emotional version of snuggling up under a warm, cozy blanket, these TV shows are a match made in hygge heaven. Plus, there are enough episodes to last you through the whole frigid season (and with accompanying fashion inspo, to boot).

See the retro and binge-worthy TV shows below.


1. Seinfeld

This classic show about nothing spent its nine seasons focusing on things like double-dipping, re-gifting, and bad dance moves.


2. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was canceled too soon, but luckily we're in the age of the revival: Both Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Return are available on Hulu.


3. The Golden Girls

This iconic show basically laid the groundwork for Sex & The City (four single women navigating dating, friendship, and adulthood) and dealt with real (and still controversial) topics like teen pregnancy, deportation, and more.


4. Will & Grace

A good way to measure your friendships is by how closely they resemble the ones between Karen and Jack or Will and Grace. Plus, by watching the original seasons on Hulu, you can prepare for NBC's recently renewed revival.


5. Full House

Come for the adorable toddler Olsen twins, leave for the slightly questionable and twin-less (Netflix) revival Fuller House. ("How rude!")

While you're watching, consider moisturizing with a body lotions or oils, or pick up a winter-crafting hobby, like embroidery

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