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Your Décolletage Is One of The First Places To Show Signs of Aging—These Reusable Neck and Chest Masks Can Help

Photo: Courtesy of Consonant Skin+Care
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We don't pay our décolletage nearly as much attention as we should. While we slather our face with serums, creams, and oils, many of us forget about our necks and chests, leaving them to brave the elements without any assistance. Adding Consonant's reusable masks to your routine will make it harder to neglect these areas.


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The Consonant Skin+Care Reusable Silicone Neck Mask ($21) and Consonant Skin+Care Reusable Silicone Chest Mask ($26) are designed to supercharge your favorite gentle creams, serums, and masks. Simply saturate them with whatever products you've already got in your arsenal, place them on your skin, and wait for them to work their magic.

What makes them so effective is the fact that they seal your serums into your skin, which helps them work to their maximum potential. According to S. Tyler Hollmig, MD, director of dermatologic surgery at The University of Texas at Austin, when you layer an occlusive barrier, like these masks, over a skin-care product, it will help the active ingredients penetrate deeper. It's a process derms use clinically all the time.

"The skin is an incredibly great barrier. It's good at its job; it keeps things out, including many medicines," says Dr. Hollmig. If you put a topical product on the skin, you'll get some absorption, but locking it in with a mask makes it even more effective. "If you put a topical product on the skin and then occlude it, meaning put a wrap around it or using sort of barrier that would prevent evaporation, that would pin it close to the skin so more of it gets in."

When I tried the reusable masks out for myself, I used a silicone skin-care spatula ($10) to apply the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask ($55) to one side of each piece of silicone (doesn't matter which), then stuck them on my body. The neck mask was long enough to cover my whole neck, and the chest mask is T-shaped to fit on top of cleavage. I let both sit for five minutes, then rinsed with a warm wash cloth. Per the brand's recommendation, I washed the masks with a face cleanser (though any gentle soap will do) then let them fully air dry before placing them back in the reusable jelly pouch.

While the silicone makes these masks reusable, it also makes them heavier than a standard sheet mask, meaning you're getting better absorption. As a result, you likely won't want to use your strongest exfoliating or detoxing mask with these masks—at least not at first.  This area can be sensitive, so you may want to introduce new products with caution. All in all, the masks are easy to use and will, over time, help me maintain a youthful-looking neck and chest for the long-haul.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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