The 3-Step Method for Reviving Lifeless Hair (Without Relying on Extreme Heat), According to a Pro Stylist

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Whether you strictly stick to your trim-every-six-weeks schedule or haven't gotten a hair cut in a year, dry, damaged hair often requires a trip to the salon chair to remedy the situation.

But while a quality cut can go a long way for healthy locks, you can also do a few things yourself to help give your hair new life (no salon appointment required). Before you reach for your closest pair of scissors, though, check out the latest episode of What the Wellness, where host Ella Dove learns from the experts how products and styling tools can help reduce hair damage and protect its natural shine.

First up on her journey to refresh her own mane, Dove sent a sample of her hair to Dyson experts (there's a reason they're called the gold standard in hair care, you know) so they could examine the extent of the damage. Then, she reviewed the results of her hair scan with beauty chemist Ni'Kita Wilson, who talked her through the scientific analysis and explained how, exactly, hair gets damaged—so Dove could learn how to avoid it.

"As you go down the strand, you can see it's gets older and older and more weathered," Wilson says of Dove's hair sample. "So by the time you can see your tip, your tip has seen it, it's been through it." (*Quick moment of silence for all our split ends.*)

There is a handy, three-step method for rejuvenating limp, straight hair while also reducing reliance on extreme heat styling. Sounds like magic, but it's actually simple.

Armed with her new info, Dove sat down with Matthew Collins, celebrity hairstylist and Dyson ambassador, who showed her a handy, three-step method for rejuvenating limp, straight hair while also reducing reliance on extreme heat styling. Sounds like magic, but it's actually simple.

Step one: Holding a dry shampoo bottle six to eight inches from your head, spray a generous amount on your roots. Step two: Use your fingers to give yourself a scalp massage, which helps the product soak up more oils. Step three: Add the power of your hair dryer to really work the dry shampoo into your strands (and break up any white-ish residue).

Collins uses the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer and magnetic smoothing attachment, which leave Dove's hair looking extra-voluminous thanks to intelligent heat control that measures the temperature over 40 times a second to ensure hair is never exposed to extreme heat—which is key if you want to reduce extreme heat damage and protect hair's natural shine.

For good measure, Collins used the Dyson Corrale™ straightener to give her hair some movement. The flexing plates shape to gather the hair, giving more control and the ability to style with less heat compared to conventional solid plates. (Are you sensing that less heat is the name of the game here?)

In addition to these tool tips, Collins shared a few pieces of advice on ways you could be damaging your hair without even noticing—like pulling it into a tight bun for a workout. To hear all of his expert wisdom—and to see the final result of Dove's hair refresh—watch the video above.

Hit play on the video to learn how to revive hair without using extreme heat.

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