News Flash: Rihanna’s New Leather Creepers Go on Sale Today

Photo: Instagram/@pumabyrihanna
Rihanna fans have already proven they're willing to shell out serious bank for her designs. (What, like you wouldn't pay $1,800 for a RiRi-approved hoodie?) But the most popular item from the singer-slash-Puma creative director by far is the Fenty x Puma Creeper, which sold out almost instantly back when it debuted in 2015—and subsequent iterations have gone even faster.

So, fair warning: New Creepers go on sale today (debuting online at 10 a.m. Eastern, to be exact). And this time they'll be available in leather (for some all-weather April shower protection) and in two new color schemes: white with black detailing, and all-black.

In our current 50-shades-of-beige era, these kicks could be an edgier option.

The street sneaks promise to be a hot item for spring, along with these pieces, which you'll be seeing everywhere soon. And in our current 50-shades-of-beige era, these kicks could be an edgier option (especially if you're wearing the rest of Rihanna's no-bright-colors-allowed activewear collection).

"Rihanna remains a style icon, and is always one step ahead of what everyone is doing," says leading trend forecaster and Trendera founder Jane Buckingham. "What is especially smart about the Puma collabs is that they are both fashion-forward and yet wearable for the everyday person. Not everyone can rock Rhianna's real style, but the Fentys are cool enough to feel a little like Rihanna without having to push your fashion limits."

So, will RiRi's new sneaks have the eye of the tiger and grab sold-out status again? Well, the striped big cat is the spirit animal for April...

These creepers are totally something Samantha would wear—find out which Sex And The City character you channel with your activewear. Plus, here are the best-selling leggings to pair with your new shoes

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