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What This Weekend’s ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Means for Your Astrological Sign

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Since literally everyone could use a spot of news that isn't remotely political right now, I'd like to bring it to your attention that a "ring of fire" eclipse is taking place this weekend, specifically on June 21. This means that you may actually have something to sort of look forward to (depending on your sign, LOL). And now that the famous Johnny Cash song (written by June Carter Cash! #neverforget) is in your head—and will be for the rest of the day, trust me—let's turn our attention to what a "ring of fire" eclipse is and why you should care about it given it won't even be visible in the western world.

This type of eclipse happens when a new moon nears its furthest distance from Earth and forms a straight line with our planet and  the sun, partially blocking out the star's shine. What remains visible of the sun resembles a ring, hence the event's moniker. "This is a powerful eclipse," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "It’s happening [around] the summer solstice, too, adding to the intensity of the weekend—things should be very interesting."

Eclipses can be intense energetically, says Lang, and they tend to shake things up and spark a desire for change. "A solar eclipse tends to feature external events and circumstances changing, so that some aspect of your life shifts as a result," she explains. "The event could be as simple as a conversation that inspires you to overcome limiting fears, or it could be a breakup that wasn't your idea."

This particular eclipse is in the sign of Cancer, at a critical degree of the sign. This essentially signifies a doubling down of that impulse to make changes, both to our own lives and beyond. "We are already seeing global shifts happening, and this will continue for another few weeks," Lang says.

No matter what happens, Lang insists you trust that it's for your best and highest good. "After all, eclipses help change anything keeping us stuck," she explains.

And while the "ring of fire" eclipse will be mainly visible in Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East, its astrological impact on those in other geographical areas will be no less. (This time next year, North America will get its own front row seat—yet another reason 2021 can't come fast enough.) Below, Lang breaks down the significance of this eclipse for each member of the zodiac.


For Aries, this moment may bring up realizations about family. "This is time to unpack your history and heal ancestral and familial traumas," she says.

You may feel compelled to make changes to your home right now, and Lang recommends you start with clearing and decluttering. "There’s a new beginning awaiting in your home life, but you have to make space for it first."


"This eclipse allows you to face any fears you have about speaking up and asserting yourself," says Lang. She suggests you seize this moment to assess any limitations holding you back, and says you are ready to both teach and learn new things. "Open your mind to expand the professional possibilities available to you," she says.

She also recommends engaging in rituals, and notes that this is an ideal time to heal relationships with your siblings and/or strengthen bonds within your community.


For Geminis, this eclipse offers an opportunity to deepen self-worth. "But those lessons might come with challenges," Lang says.

You may, for example, find your finances in the spotlight. "This eclipse asks you to dream bigger, see more possibilities for yourself," says Lang. "If you’ve had financial setbacks, you could receive insights about how to overcome financial fears to live a more abundant life."


"This is happening in your sign, which means a new beginning for you," says Lang. "Find new ways to express yourself."


For Leos, the 'ring of fire' eclipse could lead to a spiritual awakening. Lang says Leos may also feel more introverted than usual because they may feel more attuned to their feelings than usual. "This eclipse allows you to face fears and overcome limitations," she says. "Past emotions and memories could surface." Lang recommends you make time for creativity.


"You are exploring new ways you can become a leader, and your friendships could change," says Lang. "You could discover ways to use your voice and express yourself—become more involved."


Libras could be saddled with some extra pressure to achieve and succeed during this eclipse. "It could be a turning point in your career," Lang says. "You have to balance work life with your personal one, and you could feel pulled in different directions—find time for yourself and try to let go of others’ expectations."


According to Lang, Scorpios may feel as though their faith has been challenged. "This eclipse allows you to question what you truly believe," she says. "It invites you to learn, read, and study new ideas. Expand your worldview and open yourself to discovering new perspectives."


This sign is going to be more sensitive to the emotions of others right now, and also more compassionate; however, Lang reminds Sagittarians that they do not have to take on the plights of others as their own. "This eclipse helps deepen your intuition and bridge the gap between the head and heart," she adds. "It’s a healing time."


Because this is an eclipse in the opposite sign for Capricorns, they might feel pressure in all areas of their lives—but especially in relationships. "You can work through anything unresolved from your past and open yourself to having a greater capacity for love in your life," Lang says. "If you are single, this eclipse could allow you to take personal inventory and reassess your priorities in relationships."


For Aquarians, this eclipse affects work and health, so Lang suggests prioritizing self-care. "It's a good time to start a new habit or kick an old one," she said. "It’s also good for detoxing, clearing, and focusing on wellness."


Lang says that Pisces might find this eclipse emotional. "You could be more sensitive to others’ energies or more reflective on the past," she says. This is a fertile time, too, however. "You could be motivated to do something creative," she says.

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