4 Astrological Rising Signs May Welcome More Money and Abundance in 2022

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Each year, the stars hold different energy for different zodiac signs. For instance, of all the signs, Pisces is poised to have the luckiest 2022, and Leo can expect career wins this year. And for four rising signs (also known as ascendant signs), more money might be on the 2022 menu.

There's a reason why rising signs, instead of sun signs (which is what you'd typically read for your horoscope), are used to predict financial abundance. “The rising sign is how [astrologers] predict where Jupiter will be, which is the most important [planet] when you look towards financial gains,” says astrologer Alex Caiola. Jupiter is the planet of luck, and “we look to Jupiter to predict where we will experience growth in the year ahead,” she adds.

This brings into consideration the 12 astrological houses—which represent different areas of life. When Jupiter is in certain houses in your chart, that placement can reflect abundance and financial gains. For four rising signs in particular this year, Jupiter will activate their second and eighth houses—the houses of personal resources and shared resources, respectively—which can signal positive money changes.

“The rising signs poised for direct monetary growth this year are Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, and Virgo risings.” —Alex Caiola, astrologer

“The rising signs poised for direct monetary growth this year are Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, and Virgo risings,” says Caiola. For Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, Jupiter will be activating their second house of personal resources. And for Leo and Virgo risings, the planet of luck and fortune will be moving through their eighth house of shared resources.

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To find your rising sign, input your date, time, and location of birth into your favorite astrology app or an online generator like this one. And if your rising sign is Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, or Virgo, in particular, check out more details below on the abundance that might be headed your way.

4 zodiac rising signs that can expect money changes and abundance in 2022

Capricorn and Aquarius rising

Capricorn and Aquarius rising signs have Jupiter in their second house of personal resources for the entirety of 2022, and money changes go hand-in-hand with this placement.

These folks might benefit from considering how they'll handle their personal resources, particularly if they've been working hard to achieve certain financial goals in the past few months, says Caiola. That's because Jupiter builds on what you’ve already established and brings you security.

With this in mind, Capricorn and Aquarius rising signs can expect an increase in funds that they've worked to earn themselves (as opposed to inherited or otherwise benefitted from indirectly). This might take the form of a salary increase, says Caiola, or perhaps monetizing passion projects that you started last year. “This can often…[feel] like easy money—as if the seeds were already planted and you’re just reaping the benefits,” says Caiola. If it is, in fact, “easy money,” amazing—revel in that glory of enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Leo and Virgo rising

In terms of rising signs and money, Leo and Virgo ascendants “will have Jupiter transiting their eighth house, which…is often referred to as ‘other people’s money,’” says Caiola. “This Jupiter transit can [span] anything from receiving payments from others in a client-based business—[as opposed to] a salary—investment payouts, or even familial inheritances.”

If you’re currently in a romantic relationship and are a Leo or Virgo ascendant, Caiola says you might expect to merge “your assets with a partner and gain in that regard.” Perhaps you’ll start a business with your significant other or venture into real-estate investing.

And if you aren't a Virgo or Leo rising yourself, you can still reap the financial rewards for the duration of 2022 if you are close to someone with this placement. Money also might be coming to you in different ways. In fact, no matter your sign, so long as you're intentional and consistent with your actions, you can achieve any and all of your financial goals.

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