This Is What a Gut Health Coach Keeps Stocked in Her Fridge

Wellness expert and health coach Robyn Youkilis eats, lives, and works by one major motto: go with you gut. It turns out that the mantra works just as well in building relationships as it does in creating a healthy belly lifestyle. For Youkilis, this goes beyond eating fermented foods and sipping kombucha, though she does that too.

“A gut-healthy meal includes greens, healthy fats, protein, a fermented food, and a cooked veggie,” says the Thin From Within author. She calls this her Good Gut Rule of Five, and says it’s completely transformed both her digestion (see ya, belly bloat!) and helped her feel happier and more confident. So what exactly does a gut-expert nosh on? Take a peek in her fridge to find out. 

Scroll down and click the plus signs on the photos below to learn more about what the gut-health expert (and her fam) enjoy on the reg for good digestion.

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