I’ve Tested Thousands of Dollars of Moisturizers, But This $30 Drugstore Pick Is My Go-To

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I am a moisturizer fanatic. The same way some people feel about the Jets or Beyoncé...that's how I feel about moisturizer (yup, I said it). Over the years, I've accumulated enough lotions and creams to cover every surface of my apartment, but somehow have never truly landed on a die-hard favorite. Then, I met RoC Multi Correxion Revive + Glow Gel Cream ($30), and it has rendered the other 40-plus moisturizers in my collection obsolete.

These days, this antioxidant-infused formula is the only thing I want to put on my face every morning. It looks like a cream but feels like a gel, which means that it doesn't leave behind any goopiness or grease. And yet, despite being practically weightless, the Glow Gel Cream still packs a major punch of hydration.

The formula combines ascorbic acid (or vitamin C) with other antioxidants, peptides, and hydrators for a truly active, multi-tasker. Though vitamin C can be irritating on some complexions, the fact that it's in a cream—instead of a serum—means that it's typically A-okay for even the most sensitive skin types.

Roc vitamin C cream
Photo: RoC

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The cool thing about this moisturizer is that it plays both the short and long game. Immediately following application, your skin looks brighter and more luminous, and it pretty much stays that way for 24 hours. It gives off a dewy, radiant finish à la a facial oil, but without any actual oil involved. Over time, the 10-percent vitamin C in the formula works to further even-out and tighten skin, giving you with an actual lit-from-within glow. I've used vitamin C serum on my skin every morning since college, but with this cream, I've gotten enough of the antioxidant's brightening effects that I'm finally able to whittle down my routine by a bottle.

As much as I love this moisturizer, even I'll admit that it isn't perfect. It smells vaguely of oranges, which doesn't bother me, but might be overpowering for some. Plus, the fact that it doesn't have SPF in it means that it's extra important to layer a sunscreen on top, since vitamin C is photosensitizing. But, for the effects on my skin after feeding it this cream every single day, I owe the rest of my a.m. moisturizers an apology, because they have officially been replaced.

Curious about vitamin C? Press play on the video below for everything you need to know.

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