12 Buys Under $50 To Make the Most Romantic Ambiance Possible This Valentine’s Day

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No matter your relationship situation, I bet I can guess how you're going to spend your Valentine's Day this year: at home, right? After all, the state of the world has made nabbing an exclusive reservation at your go-to Italian bistro either unavailable (depending on where you live) or questionably safe at best. So, if you're partnered up or just planning to embrace February 14th as opportunity to explore self-love, now you're tasked with making a romantic atmosphere in a space that's grotesquely familiar. How on earth can you possibly achieve that?

For what it's worth, a lot of the task comes down to mood lighting. "For a lot of people, having nice lighting is about feeling confident in their own skin," psychotherapist and sex therapist Vanessa Marin previously told Well+Good. "Soft lighting helps them relax and turn off their self-conscious brains." So don't set up any department-store dressing-room fluorescents in your space on Valentine's Day (or maybe on any day, for that matter), because a flattering environment is key for cultivating a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting is just one example, though; there are a number of creative ways to make your home a romantic atmosphere that you (or you and a partner) can enjoy on February 14th. Below, find a few swoon-worthy products under $50 that'll help you make it happen.

Staying home for Valentine's Day doesn't mean you need to compromise on having a romantic atmosphere. Here are 12 buys under $50 to help.

1. LES Candle, $32

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This candle by Boy Smells is a unisex scent that's decidedly sultry. A subtle ode to Manhattan's Lower East Side, LES blends soft peach blossom with fresh Asian pear and spicier notes of cardamom, creating an eccentric aroma all its own. If that isn't your bag, feel free to grab another one of the beloved company's offerings. After all, what's Valentine's Day without candles?

Shop Now: LES Candle, $32

2. Wine Red Velvet Throw Pillow, $29

Shop Now: Etsy

If you love the dramatic feel of a Victorian-style fainting couch but don't have the space, a velveteen touch with throw pillows can provide for a similar feel. You'll feel positively royal in an instant.

Shop Now: Wine Red Velvet Throw Pillow, $29

3. Fairytale Rose Bath Bomb, $15

Photo: Etsy

This bath bomb invokes fragrant florals like rose and gardenia and sits them on a bed of vanilla and musk. Then it dissipates into a glittery turquoise, ensuring bath time is nothing less than enchanted.

Shop Now: Fairytale Rose Bath Bomb, $15

4. Princess Bed Canopy Netting Curtain Round Lace with Bowknots for Decor, $43

Photo: Etsy

It's a damn shame we can't all enjoy the romantic atmosphere a canopy bed affords, but a circular tulle curtain can help approximate that feel.

Shop Now: Princess Bed Canopy Netting Curtain Round Lace with Bowknots for Decor, $43

5. Dimming Slider and On/Off Toggle Switch, $18

Photo: Amazon

This product won't facilitate a romantic atmosphere on its own, but it definitely provides for a way to ease into the mood. You can install one in any (or every!) room, then dial down brightness and enjoy yourself.

Shop Now: Dimming Slider and On/Off Toggle Switch, $18

6. Satin Bed Sheet Set, $27

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This budget option allows you to experience the smooth feel of silky bedsheets. You might even opt to sleep in the buff and enjoy the frictionless sensation all night long. (Just make sure you wash them often, in that case.)

Shop Now: Satin Bed Sheet Set, $27

7. Naked Profile Lines Wall Tapestry, $34

Photo: Society6

Consider showcasing your sexuality with a bold statement tapestry. This example provides for a minimalist style, and the neutral black-and-white scheme allows it to fit proudly in any modern living space.

Shop Now: Naked Profile Lines Wall Tapestry, $34

8. Pink Anthurium, $68

Photo: The Sill

What says romantic atmosphere on Valentine's Day quite like flowers? Feel free to choose whichever florals speak to you. If you want some inspiration, feel free to co-opt my parents' tradition of gifting these pretty, long-living pink stems, which feel particularly evocative of a "Be Mine" vibe.

Shop Now: Pink Anthurium, $68

9. String Lights for Bedroom, $36

Photo: Etsy

I don't care if you're well past the dorm-room phase of your life—string lights can turn any room into a romantic atmosphere, and we should all have some on-hand for special occasions.

Shop Now: String Lights for Bedroom, $36

10. Madison Park Sachi Oversized Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $27

Photo: Bed, Bath and Beyond

A faux-fur throw is cozy to cuddle up in, and it provides for the energy of being romantically snowed in at a log cabin.

Shop Now: Madison Park Sachi Oversized Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $27

11. Cedar Wood Essential Oil Incense, $16

Photo: Well+Good Shop

This elegant incense stick by Province Apothecary is sleek and elevated, relaxing you with a blend of lavender and black spruce.

Shop Now: Cedar Wood Essential Oil Incense, $16

12. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speaker, $44

Photo: Amazon

In a world with Spotify, it might seem silly to invest in a decked-out turntable—especially if you're not a huge music enthusiast. Still, there's something timeless about spinning tunes. Obviously having a record to play on your record player is necessary, too. If you're taking suggestions, you can't go wrong with Frank Sinatra, and Depeche Mode's "Violator" will get you to wherever you're trying to go in the bedroom, trust me.

Shop Now: Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speaker, $44

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