3 Date-Night Essential Oils That *Instantly* Set the Mood

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Between dud dates that end up nowhere and the Tinder burnout—which is all too real, BTW—it doesn't hurt to pull out all the stops when in search of the Barack to your Michelle. One way to turn up your pre-date appeal and vibes is to employ the help of essential oils, which also benefit your body and mind in a ton of different ways.

Before starting your getting-ready routine, plug in your diffuser, and play with one of these romantic options recommended by all-star aromatherapist Amy Galper, of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. You'll at least be in the mood for love, even if your latest dating app didn't conjure your perfect mate.

Check out the 3 sexiest essential oils below.

1. Jasmine

"Jasmine is a stirring, lingering and sexy scent," said Galper. The floral note settles nerves and helps us quite literally feel more beautiful. But because the bloom's delicate petals have a hard time withstanding the heat of the distillation process, you may often see the oil in its "absolute" form. (Read: lots of $$$$.)

For a similar emotional and therapeutic effect, Galper suggests a more affordable option: ylang ylang. "They both are sedating, antispasmodic, and heart opening," she said.

2. Nutmeg

While you may think only of nutmeg  as a spice, Galper notes that as an essential oil, it offers a slew of benefits, as it's antibacterial, antimicrobial, and warming upon contact. "The scent, though, is particularly engaging and mysterious," explained Galper. "It will warm you up, calm you down, and help you feel safe with your guard down."

And if you mix it up with a floral like ylang ylang, she continued, it has aphrodisiac powers as well.

3. Sweet orange

"Joyful, inspiring, and energizing, sweet orange makes us smile and feel happy," Galper said. "It's bright and appealing, too." And being in a great mood is so important when you're going on a date, particularly when you smell as sexy as you will with these options.

With the aromatic mood set, now you just need to figure out what to eat and watch.

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