The 3-Move Toning Workout Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd Does After Flights

Photo: Instagram/@stephenpasterino
When it comes to staying fit while traveling, supermodel Romee Strijd has plenty of tricks up her sleeve: She boxes and does strength-training exercises on the reg, and most recently, she started working with trainer Stephen Pasterino, founder of P.volve, who showed her some travel-friendly moves.

Strijd's recent workout with Pasterino not only blasted her booty and fired up her abs but also got rid of the tension that occurs after sitting for long periods of time—whether that's on a flight or at your desk.

"For this workout, we focused on hip-opening movements that help sculpt and lengthen the body while tightening the definition in the legs, midsection, and also keeping the glutes full and lifted," Pasterino tells me. "The workout hits the entire core, from mid-stomach down to the mid-thigh, and I started with a full-body motion to lengthen the muscles, open the joints, and activate the muscles that often fall dormant during a long flight of sitting."

stephen pasterino and romee strijd
Photo: Instagram/@stephenpasterino

To really take the exercises up a notch, Pasterino worked Strijd's entire body using one transportable tool: his P.ball, a firm, cradled ball that's held between your upper thighs by a resistance band that straps around both legs for the ultimate toning sesh.

"The P.ball wakes up the muscles and conditions and tones them by putting resistance against them," he says. "We worked with the ball for about 20 minutes. All of the exercises challenge the core through constant engagement, always working against the resistance of the ball."

Want to try the Victoria's Secret Angel–approved workout for yourself? I've explained three of the moves below (and you can also try an exclusive free 15-day P.volve trial to copy the workout more precisely). Strijd uses the P.ball the entire time, but if you don't have one, you'll definitely still feel the burn.

3 toning moves Romee Strijd loves, straight from trainer Stephen Pasterino.

1. Single leg lift and squeeze (pictured above)

Bend and lift one leg at 90 degrees. With your knees parallel, shift your weight into the standing heel going into a shallow sit; all of the weight should be in your glutes. Slowly lift your bent leg, pushing against the resistance. Change direction and slowly squeeze down, engaging the ball through the glutes.

2. Wide-stance pelvic lift

Lie on your back on a mat with your feet on the floor in a bird stance, pointing them outward at an angle. Start with your glutes lifted one inch above the mat, drive through your heels, lift from the glutes, and bridge up three to four inches. Squeeze the ball at the top of the motion, hold, and release. Lower your glutes back down to one inch above the mat.

"This exercise not only stretches the hip flexor but also works the outer butt and sculpts the outer hip," Pasterino says.

3. Straight leg press and squeeze

Lie on your back on a mat with your legs straight up in the air. Slowly pull your knees in toward your chest until your thighs are three to five inches from your chest, keeping the ball tight. When changing direction, pause, engage your stomach, and squeeze back out through your glutes and thighs. Keep your back pushed down into the mat throughout the entire exercise so your stomach stays engaged.

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