How to Get Along With Your Roommate Based on Their Zodiac Sign

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Ah, roommates. Find one you love and it's like a non-stop sleepover (complete with face masks and the occasional cathartic cry). When the pendulum swings the other way, however, you might end up living with someone who's more Nick Miller than Phoebe Buffay. The uphill battle that constitutes finding a good housemate recently hit an all-time high—as in, as high as the constellations—when someone on a roommate search unequivocally rejected a Capricorn, the eighth sign of the Zodiac.

The legality of vetoing someone based on their birthday is now being hotly debated, reports The GuardianBut the larger moral question of using astrology as a compatibility tool definitely isn't happening in a vacuum. Astrology is a Thing right now, and some ardently cling to their birth right constellations to make interpersonal decisions like who they'll date. (It's an actual feature on Bumble!) To gain some clarity surrounding the cosmological legitimacy of the matter, I spoke with Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, authors of Astrology for Wellness, about the best approach to a roommate search.

"We believe that the purpose of learning astrology is to improve your intuition. As a good astrologer, you shouldn’t solely use [your sign] to make decisions, it should just be one part of their decision-making mix," says Farber. It's kind of fun to shoot the sh*t with your friends about how your boss is difficult "because they're a Scorpio," but you shouldn't write off people completely because they were born between October 23rd and November 2nd. This applies to your roommate search as well.

"The purpose of learning astrology is to improve your intuition. As a good astrologer, you shouldn’t solely use [your sign] to make decisions."

A situation becomes even more difficult when you consider the fact that each of us is more than just our sun sign. "Most people only know their sun sign, but there are nine other planets in an astrology chart. Plus the all-important, game-changing rising sign, aka 'ascendent,'" says Farber. (Note: this is how you appear to the world.) "You have to take into account the charts as a whole to make an informed astro decision."

Farber and Zerner offer a rough set of guidelines for what signs will need from their potential roommates. (Again, this is one thing to focus on when considering whether to share a refrigerator with another person.) Even if you're already have your living situation squared away, you can use these suggestions to be the best bathroom-sharer you can be.

Roommate search with this (totally cheeky, not serious) guide to living with each sign.

Aries. The first sign of the Zodiac is a big fan of solitude. Also: "They’re bossy, so any roommate is going to have to deal with that bc they won’t change," says Farber. Don't be blasting music in the kitchen when they're completing their 12-step morning routine.

Taurus. Stay away from their personal items and you should be just fine. Dare to borrow something without asking and be prepared for confrontation.

Gemini. Hot tip: "There are at least two people in every Gemini," says Farber. "Their roommate will have to be able to deal with them feeling two ways about everything." Both of them will also get bored easily, so prepare for many a late-night knock on your door.

Cancer. These folks love to nurture their roomies—and receive a heartfelt thank you in return. "Anything a roommate does to make them feel unappreciated or less secure will be resisted strongly. They are private about their past and locks must be respected," says Farber. So make sure to offer them all the gratitude if they throw your sheets in the wash with theirs. (That's true friendship.)

Leo. Lions appear to be self-centered when they're at home, but they're social nature means that you'll often have the place to yourself.

Virgo. "Virgo people are good roommates, but their perfectionism sometimes gets the better of them. They'll procrastinate because they can’t do something (like clean up after themselves) perfectly," says Farber.

Libra. They seek to have a beyond-harmonious relationship with who they share a house with, so "aggressive opinionated people need not apply," according to Farber.

Scorpio. Secretive Scorpios value their privacy above all else. Don't be nosey and never, ever make them feel like you have more say in apartment business than they do.

Sagittarius. Those who value honesty would do well to live with a Sag. They'll tell it like it is when it comes to dirty dishes, your love life, the massive wad of hair you left in the shower drain—you name it.

Capricorn. Respect your Capricorn roommate's deep ruminations on the nature of life and you'll be just fine.

Aquarius. They get along with everyone, but they choose only open up to a select squad. So don't push your luck by suggesting a game night. "They are eccentrics, but interesting if you like that sort of thing and don’t have to focus on your own stuff," says Farber.

Pisces. "Pisces also like everyone and will listen to anyone’s problems with true compassion, but they have a surprising habit of giving off there’s-something-wrong vibes all the time. "Though there’s usually nothing wrong," the astrologer explains.

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