9 Killer Full-Body Workouts Using the Most Underrated Thing at the Gym

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At the gym, veering too far from the equipment you're used to can feel intimidating. But the sweat session you'll get from one of the most underrated tools at the gym makes it worth stepping out of your comfort zone—rope workouts deliver some serious results once you get the hang of how to use them.

"Battle ropes are an unparalleled upper-body conditioning tool. One of the most effective—yet low-impact—ways to train metabolically, it helps you build both strength and endurance. It's also safe for all populations, and the creativity and variety of exercises with it are endless," says Gerren Liles, a Hyperwear trainer and master instructor at Equinox. "With a properly designed workout, battle rope training can help boost your metabolism, burn fat, and add definition."

Battle ropes aren't the only option you should try for a rope workout—remember having to try and climb the rope in gym class as a kid? Well, that's a prime trainer-approved way to increase full-body muscle tone, too.

"Rope climbing is one of the ultimate displays of total body strength and mastery. It encourages upper-body strength—especially grip strength—and demands proper technique and synergy to move quickly and efficiently," Liles explains. "It's a scaleable skill that, once mastered, is beneficial in a variety of fitness activities, like obstacle course racing or CrossFit."

Ready to get started? We've got nine rope workouts you can try next time you're at the gym, straight from Instagram.

Here's how to work up a sweat with a rope workout


1. Battle ropes with Bosu ball

Leave it to Karlie Kloss to do a battle rope workout that works the lower body just as much as the upper.


2. Jumping battle rope push-ups

Once you get on Gerren Liles' level, you can try this insane jumping push-ups with your battle ropes.


3. Legless rope climbs

Climbing a rope is already tough enough, so just imagine doing it without the help of your legs.


4. Battle ropes series

There are so many different things you can do with battle ropes, including these intense variations. "I love how much battle ropes demand you to engage your core, either through stabilization or rotation," Liles says.


5. Straight-leg rope climbs

The only thing harder than no legs is straight legs when climbing ropes.


6. Balancing battle ropes

As if doing battle ropes alone isn't already intense, you can amp up your workout by balancing on a Bozu, too.


7. Rope pulls

Fact: These rope pulls will make your arms feel like Jell-O.


8. Full-body battle ropes

This battle rope workout literally works your entire body—and gives you a heavy dose of cardio in the process.


9. Battle ropes challenge

By the end of this series of intense exercises, you'll feel stronger than ever.

If you're a little timid when it comes to trying something new—like battle ropes!—here's how to shake pre-workout anxiety. Then after you make it through, learn how to unwind like Simone Biles.

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