An NYC Park Is Transforming Into a Mood-Boosting Crystal Garden

Photo: Instagram/@thenerdynewyorker
If you're a New Yorker, getting your dose of crystal healing is about to become way easier. A 31-foot-tall (!) crystal-like sculpture was unveiled today at the city's Union Square Park, according to the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

Designed by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, the Rose Crystal Tower might look pretty familiar to the rose quartz crystals you (and Miranda Kerr) keep under your pillow, but the structure is actually made from "Polyvitro" crystals— a plastic material developed by the artist—and steel.

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A giant crystal tower could have a profound spiritual impact on many New Yorkers. For example, millennials, who have notoriously high stress levels, could potentially reap calming placebo benefits of just being around the positivity-radiating faux-crystal totem. The sculpture will be on display for a full year—through October 2018—as part of NYC's 50th anniversary celebration of its public art program, Art in the Parks, so you have plenty of time to make a visit.

I mean, why would you miss the perfect opportunity to Zen out with your favorite meditation app, surrounded by plants and a crystalline tower of millennial-pink good vibes in Union Square Park?

If you can't make it, this subscription box will deliver crystals right to your door, or take this quiz to figure out which crystal you should buy next.

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