5 Ways to Harness the Energy of Rose Quartz, the Crystal With a Love-Magnet Rep

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Rose quartz is the coconut oil of the crystal world—pretty much every wellness-obsessed gal has it somewhere in her home.  No, it's not just because she needs something millennial pink to compliment her monstera plant and macramé wall hanging. Ask any gemstone expert, and they'll tell you that rose quartz healing properties are super powerful, particularly where love's concerned. (And let's be real: Coupled up or solo, who couldn't use a little help in that department?)

"Rose quartz, or the stone of emotional healing, is associated with all the properties of high-vibrational love energy," says Well+Good Council member Kelsey Patel, reiki healer and founder of lifestyle brand Magik Vibes. She notes that the stone's molecules are said to vibrate at an energetic frequency of 350Hz, and that when you make contact with this frequency, it's thought to "elevate and harmonize" your heart energy center. "The high vibration of rose quartz can soothe emotional wounds and brings about a balanced energetic state of acceptance, healing, bliss, and love," she says.

Of course, you're unlikely to find any Western mental health practitioners prescribing chunks of rose quartz for emotional turmoil. But even if you're skeptical of the stone's supposed energy healing properties, you might find that its ancient symbolism alone helps to put you in a more heartened headspace. "Traditionally, this stone has been used in jewelry and in talismans with a more symbolic meaning," Patel explains. "In one Greek legend, Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to humankind in hopes the pink color would inspire love and desire. In another Egyptian legend, Isis used rose quartz to maintain her divine youth and beauty. Rose quartz was also used in ancient Tibetan and Chinese cultures as a token of love."

Another perk: Rose quartz is one of the easiest stones to track down. It's now a common massage menu add-on, cocktail garnish, and bath-soak ingredient, not to mention that stores like Urban Outfitters are now selling the rocks in their natural state. But what are the best ways to work with rose quartz—and what can you expect when you get yours home? Here, Patel breaks down the many facets of this starter-kit crystal.

Read on for everything you need to know about rose quartz healing properties.

rose quartz healing properties
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What does it feel like to work with rose quartz?

If you're energetically sensitive, like Patel, she says you may notice a "beautiful, warm, gentle energy" emanating from it when you hold it in your hands. (And if, like me, you're not? You might get that feeling just by visually taking in its soft pink hue.)  "The nature of this stone is fluid and creates a sense of calmness and serenity throughout your energetic system," Patel explains. "It supports and enhances all types of love: love for others, love for self, and unconditional love."

From this blissed-out place, Patel adds, you may find that you're better able to tap into your feelings—this is where its "emotional healing"  reputation comes from. "Rose quartz invites you to dive into your heart, open up to the expansive nature of your emotions, break away from judgment, and practice deep gratitude," she says. So basically, it's thought to have the same effect as a really good yoga class. (But without having to suffer through chair pose.)

How can we use rose quartz for its healing properties?

As I mentioned before, rose quartz comes in many forms these days—you've got way more options than just sticking the stone in your bra. (Although that totally works, too.) It's really about playing around to choose the modality that works best for you. "The main thing to remember about working with all crystals is that we are all different and what speaks to someone may not speak to another," says Patel. "We have to remain open. Crystals are the most potent when we don’t try to control and overanalyze. If you hold a rose quartz sphere and order yourself to feel love, chances are you’ll feel more frustration and impatience."

That said, here are some of the most common ways to get a feel for rose quartz's reputed healing properties.

1. Keep rose quartz nearby when you're meditating: This one's probably the easiest—all you need is a single rose quartz stone. "You can bring rose quartz directly over your heart so it can connect to your heart chakra," Patel suggests. "From here, sit with any emotions that arise—good and bad—and send waves of love to each, cleansing it and shifting the energy." This option's especially potent if you add some visualization to your meditation, says Patel. "You can work with rose quartz by [picturing] a pink light of love as you inhale and move it throughout your entire body."

2. Incorporate rose quartz into your gratitude practice: Sending love to all aspects of your life is a guaranteed mood elevator. But adding rose quartz into the mix can take gratitude to a whole new level, says Patel. "Use rose quartz while repeating mantras and affirmations of love for who you are, the life you live, the relationships you hold, and the planet you call home," she advises. You can also jot your gratitude lists in a journal, if writing's more your thing.

3. Bring some rose quartz into your self-care routine: Holistic facialists are sweet on rose quartz for its reported ability to calm and soothe angry skin. But you don't have to visit a spa to reap the benefits. "It’s been used for facial healing tools like rose quartz facial rollers and rose quartz gua sha," Patel says. You can also find the stone's energy infused into skin care products, like the ones from Kora Organics. And that's not all—rose quartz is now being carved into some not-so-traditional self-care tools, like $150 hair combs and sex toys.

4. Wear rose quartz jewelry: "You can wear rose quartz in jewelry to open up the loving energy that already exists within you," says Patel. If nothing else, it looks great with jeans and a perfect white tee—here are a few high-vibe jewelry shops that go way beyond the basic mala bracelet.

5. Decorate with rose quartz: Need another argument to add to your rose quartz collection? Patel says it can bring more "balance and harmony" to your space. And it's not just about rocks, either—you can now get side tables, lamps, and even bathtubs crafted from the high-vibe stone.

What's the best place to source rose quartz for healing?

Patel believes that real-deal rose quartz (read: not man-made) is going to give you the biggest energetic hit. (How to know for sure that you're getting the natural stuff? Seek out a reputable shop and ask them about the source of the crystals and how they ensure quality—for instance, Magik Vibes gets its rose quartz from India.) Once you've hit on a batch of stones that came from the earth, you may find that each individual one makes you feel a little different. So it's about handling as many of them as possible and seeing which one resonates the strongest for you.

"I believe finding a crystal is a lot like dating," Patel says. "You have to try them out and connect with them face-to-face in order to see if there’s a true connection and if you can feel energy vibrating off it. Most real quartz stones will have an immediate vibration. It’s the surefire indicator that it’s real and reliable." As they say, vibes don't lie—which, come to think of it, is pretty good advice when you're scrolling through Hinge, too.

Another way to use crystals for healing? Get them in a heating pad, like the one Lena Dunham uses. Or place them in your bedroom to help you sleep.

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