Find Out Which Rosewater Is Best for Your Specific Skin Type—Because Yes, It Matters

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You know how most of the time one-size-fits-all means the shirt or pair of pants in question will most likely never make it to the big leagues of starring in the front of your closet?

The same goes for rosewater. Everyone can likely benefit from it, but knowing which one to use that best fits your skin type will ensure it becomes a main-stay in your routine.

Straight rosewater can already do a few solids for your skin, like help to calm your complexion, enhance your natural glow, and evoke a sense of Zen through its botanical fragrance, according to Dr. Karuna Sabnani, NMD, beauty and natural medicine expert. But to hone in on your face specifically, you should do the research (or in this case, simply digest ours). 

You can find so many different rosewaters from Heritage Store, including these cult-faves: Rosewater, Rosewater and Glycerin, Rosewater Vinegar, and Rosewater Facial Toner that all tackle specific skin concerns from dryness to dull skin to needing a simple pick-me-up. So, before you get to spritzing, take a sec to figure out what your soon-to-be-glossy face really needs.

Keep scrolling to find out which rosewater benefits your skin type.

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