A Love Letter to My Rosewater Spray—the Well+Good Office Explains Its Obsession

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A rosewater by any other name would still smell as sweet, but a skin-care routine without it is incomplete. Okay, before this gets too Shakespeare-meets-self care, can we all agree that rosewater is simply a beauty routine must?

With a single spritz, rosewater can set your makeup for the day, help calm irritated skin, and the greatest payoff of all? It feels dang good to mist yourself with what essentially amounts to a bottled botanical garden.

It's no wonder that the Well+Good office is obsessed with spritzing this stuff left and right—and to reward them for their genuine adoration for all things rosewater, a few super fans tried out four different types from Heritage Store: Rosewater (the OG), Rosewater & Glycerin, Rosewater Vinegar, and Rosewater Facial Toner—to see how each one made them feel (and look, of course).

Keep reading for an inside look at what these rosewater obsessives thought of their new beauty essentials.

rosewater spray
Photo: Heritage Store

Rosewater—Sarah Ensign, Events Manager

For Ensign, her relationship with rosewater spray isn't a "maybe I'll spritz myself every now and then" type of love. It's more of an "if I don't use it, my day is basically ruined" obsession. And for good reason, too: Heritage Store Rosewater (which Ensign had already fallen in love with before this trial) helps with her primary skin goals of softening and hydrating while also amping up her natural glow.

"Rosewater spray is an essential part of my morning routine," she says. "I use it immediately after washing my face, and it works as a base for my skin before applying sunscreen and face lotion. Not only does it give my face an extra glow, the smell of Heritage Store Rosewater is amazing—it's the perfect way to start my day." That's a whole lotta love right there.

Rosewater & Glycerin—Rachel Lapidos, Beauty and Fitness Editor

For some context, Lapidos is the longest-tenured beauty editor at Well+Good—so she's no newbie to rosewaters, and she'll test out basically anything that could potentially up her dew factor. That's why she leapt at the chance to try the glycerin-infused Heritage Store Rosewater, which really works on locking in your skin's hydration using vegetable glycerin (a natural humectant for moisture retention).

"I’ve always been into spritzing myself with some rosewater for an instant pick-me-up," Lapidos shares. "But this rosewater with glycerin concoction gives me that same floral refresh (a scent that literally boosts my mood) and infuses hydration into my skin—so I can quench my skin’s thirst and give it a rose-y reset all in one." The beauty editor has spoken.

Photo: Heritage Store

Rosewater Vinegar—Sasha Ali, Events Assistant for TOAF

Before you dismiss this seemingly odd pairing—don't. The apple cider vinegar and rosewater combo is here for your complexion by working as an astringent to exfoliate dead skin cells, while the the acidity of the vinegar helps promote balanced skin. Oh, and it can work wonders on your hair, too.

"I've used rosewater on my face and apple cider vinegar in my hair for my dry scalp separately, so I was excited to try out Heritage Store's Rosewater Vinegar," Ali says. "The combination helped moisturize my scalp and keep it clean. Plus, it was also much easier to wash out compared to straight vinegar." Hair? Voluminous. Skin? Handled.

Rosewater Facial Toner—Erin Flynn, Associate Branded Content Editor

After you wash and tone your face, don't you want to feel as clean as a newborn baby? That's the objective for Flynn, who deals with oily skin and occasional breakouts. With the soothing effects of aloe working together with hyaluronic acid (the all-star ingredient of hydration and pore care) within Heritage Store's Facial Toner, these goals might very well become reality.

"I’m a big fan of toners to help reduce the appearance of my pores and make my skin feel squeaky clean," she says. "The first night I tried the Facial Toner, I was impressed with how soft it made my skin feel (while literally smelling like roses), and when I looked in the mirror the next morning I had a real-life 'I woke up like this' moment' when I saw how dewy my face looked." And isn't that what we're all really after?

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