Royal Beauty Alert: India Hicks Is Launching a Skin-Care Line

Photo: India Hicks
At this point, there's no shortage of royal beauty inspo (hello, manes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle). And the tips from the British aristocracy just keeps rolling in: India Hicks (whose godfather is Prince Charles, BTW) just launched a non-toxic skin-care line.

Hicks, who traded a life in Britain for a sun-soaked view in the Bahamas, has always chased adventure. Her father David Hicks was a famed British interior designer, and she followed in his artistic footsteps, launching a lifestyle line that contains everything from an ocean-inspired yoga mat to luxe, customizable bags.

Now, with the help of former Coty exec Catherine Walsh, she's also introducing a line called Unexpected Beauty, which features plant-based ingredients—everything from a marine algae complex to anti-inflammatory moringa—in a cleanser, facial mist, moisturizer, balm, and scrub.

Hicks herself has had trouble finding a seamless, all-in-one skin-care line for her own basic needs. "It was all either very high tech or very natural," she says. "I tend to go towards natural, but I want something to actually happen [on my skin]. I saw an opportunity there."

india hicks beauty line
Photo: India Hicks

So, what'd the entrepreneur do about it? She created her own simple yet effective beauty products, of course. In a world where just about every celebrity has a line of their own, Hicks stands out by using natural (and mostly organic) ingredients that'll streamline your skin-care routine—and still do their job.

"I have a really long list of 'no-no's,'" she says of ingredients she refuses to put in her products (think petroleum, fragrance, and sulfates, for instance). Another good thing? Hicks even created a travel kit, so you can pop the entire line into your carry-on without stressing about TSA (she admits she made that for her own benefit—who could blame her?). Consider the line a royal win.

Equally as impressive as Hicks is Annie Lawless, whose autoimmune disorder led her to create a wellness (and then a beauty) empire. Then there's Jamie Kern Lima, who was crazy vulnerable in order to catapult IT Cosmetics

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