Steal These Royal Family Decorating Tips to Deck Your Halls Like a Duchess

Photo: Stocksy/Davide Illini
There's something so magical about the holidays—especially when it comes to all the sparkly, mood-boosting decorations. Everyone has their own traditions, from what goes on the tree to how to decorate the wreath—royals included. And this year you can bring some of their very festive touches into your own home, letting you deck your halls like a duchess.

The British royal family's social accounts have been lit up lately (literally), showcasing all the work that goes into those mesmerizing decorations you see all throughout the palaces. Now, let's get one thing straight: Having dozens of helping hands (and, umm, actual cranes to reach the high places) definitely makes the process easier. But that doesn't mean you can't steal their style on a smaller scale.

Here are 3 Royal family decorating tips to use yourself this year.

1. Add touches of gold to your Christmas tree.

Not everyone can just put up a 30-foot Christmas tree and have it decorated beautifully within a few hours like the one in front of Kensington Palace, where Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle live. One thing you can do, though? Add white twinkling lights and plenty of pretty gold ornaments—some with glitter, and some that provide all the gloss.

2. Go crazy with garland.

Whether it's on your staircase or simply over your mantle, pick up some garland to decorate like they did at Buckingham Palace. The banisters were decked out with plenty of the greenery, red bows, and lots of colorful ornaments.

3. Get all-white wreaths.

Typically, wreaths are green—but not in Queen Elizabeth's residence. This year, the staircase at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland was decorated with garland and eye-catching white wreaths adorned with bright red bows. Royal-level decor, here you come.

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