The Running Gear You Actually Need, According to Editors Who’ve Been Racking Up the Miles This Quarantine

In theory, all you really need to be able to go for a run is a pair of running shoes. But any runner can tell you that having the right running gear can make racking up the miles a whole lot more successful and enjoyable (and who doesn't want that?).

Obviously there's a fine line between rocking the proper running essentials and grabbing so many different gadgets that you're suddenly carrying an extra 10 pounds. (While strength training plays a part in a solid running routine, doing both at the same time is not the move.)

So besides your trusty pair of sneaks', these are the five must-haves to propel you forward—not weigh you down—straight from W+G editors who have been pounding the pavement.

Ready to stock up on running gear? Keep scrolling for five editor-approved picks.

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1. Bose Frames Tempo, $250

Singing along to your favorite playlist as you jog? Technically optional, but undoubtedly better than listening to your own heavy breathing. Seeing where you're going? Obviously crucial. These audio sunglasses sound off on both (but they don't block surrounding noise, so you're still aware of your surroundings). Plus, they're sweat- and weather-resistant and stay in place while you move—meaning you can forget you're wearing them and just appreciate the good tunes and the views.


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2. Goody Ouchless Forever Elastic Hair Ties, $4

Any runner who's ended up with a giant post-run knot in their hair or had an elastic break miles away from home can tell you that yes, hair ties totally count as running gear. These extra-strong ones retain their shape and have a small bead around the seam to prevent snapping, effectively securing your mane no matter how far you go. (They're so good, one editor put more on her holiday wishlist.)

Photo: Athleta

3. Athleta Rainier Half Zip, $108

Cold weather doesn't have to put the kibosh on outdoor runs—you just need to switch up your running wardrobe. This thin-yet-warm pullover instantly adds protection against the elements and easily layers under a thicker jacket or vest for those really cold days. It's sweat-wicking and extra-breathable, so you won't overheat.

Photo: Under Armor

4. Under Armor Sportsmask, $30

We're not going to pretend that running in a mask is fun—but if you're in a crowded area, it's a must. This one's made specifically for athletes, and is designed to sit slightly off your face and lips for extra comfort and breathability. Plus, the interior layer is anti-microbial, feels cool and refreshing, and helps pull sweat away from your face.

Photo: REI

5. UltrAspire Ultra Race Handheld Water Bottle, $19

If you're getting serious about long runs, you need to get serious about hydration, too. Bring H2O along with you with this lightweight, handheld water bottle that can hold up to 18 ounces of water. It attaches directly to your hand so you don't have to think about it—just lace up and go.

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