The Just-Released Trailer for This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doc Is the Best International Women’s Day Treat *Ever*

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There are so many badass women who inspire us year-round, but we're about to get an inside look, via a new documentary, at the life of one of the most notorious: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Hello, best International Women's Day treat ever.

The Supreme Court Justice—who is also a two-time cancer survivor—is currently the oldest serving on the bench, at 84 (85 as of March 15!) years old. And because age—or anything else for that matter—has never slowed down this IRL superhero, the upcoming documentary, RBG (out May 4), that dives deep into her story is likely to shed some wisdom all #bossbabes can take to heart. And based on the trailer, which you can watch below, you can count on the film to emanate seriously empowering vibes.

RBG | Official Trailer

Hero. Icon. Dissenter. #IWD2018You know her accomplishments, but you haven’t heard her story. Witness RBG in select theaters May 4. ⚖️

Posted by RBG on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

RBG goes decades back to the '50s when Ginsburg first became a lawyer, during a time when discrimination against women was even more prevalent than it is today—especially in the legal profession. But, you guessed it: She powered through and has been fighting for ladies everywhere ever since.

The documentary also highlights her relationship with her late husband, Martin, who passed away in 2010: "He was the first boy I ever knew who cared that I had a brain," she says in the trailer.

And, of course, to demonstrate even further what a boss Ginsburg is, the documentary showcases her intense gym habits, including planks and push-ups (the octogenarian still works out regularly). This hot ticket can't come out soon enough.

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