The Top 6 Self-Care Practices We Want RBG to Do While She’s on the Mend

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If there's anyone to strive to be like in this world, it's Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At 85, the two-time cancer survivor, scrunchie-loving fitness planking queen, and—no NBD—oldest serving member on the bench has never not been a #girlboss. Like, not even in the '50s when she became a lawyer at a time when no women were lawyers. But right now, for the first time in her life, she has to slow down. At least for a little while.

According to CNN, Ginsburg fractured three ribs last night after a fall in her office—something, in true RBG-fashion, she described as "discomfort" before going to get treatment. Even though she most definitely hates every single second of being on the mend, she's gotta take it easy while she heals up—not just for her, but for all of us: She's basically the only beacon of hope and strength we have to get through this year.

To make sure she's back on the bench in tip-top shape again soon, it's time for her to prioritize her own care over her constant care of the nation—and these are the practices she should start with.

Dear, RBG: Please do these self-care practices so you can feel better again soon.

1. Drink a golden milk latte for great sleep

"The fastest way to get better (and keep your brain sharp!) is to get great sleep—and whenever I have a golden milk latte before bed, it does the trick. The warm milk makes you drowsy and the turmeric does its anti-inflammatory magic while you’re snoozing." —Erin Hanafy, editor at large

2. Watch some mindless TV

"The world is STRESSFUL, and geez does RBG know it. So while on the mend, I'd recommend she takes a note from my every-Sunday (really most evenings, if I'm being honest) routine and watches mindless television to mentally unplug and heal. Bravo's full slate of networking is my self care of choice, and I'd love to know which Real Housewife is RBG's fave." —Alexis Berger, senior lifestyle editor

3. Put on a face mask

"While healing, there are a lot of factors I can’t control, from how shitty I feel to how long it’ll take for me to be as good as new again. Something I can control, though? My glow—so I give my skin some TLC with an at-home facial. I apply my fave facial mask and spend time going through a decadent skin-care routine and then bask in that radiance afterwards—before plopping back into bed of course." —Rachel Lapidos, associate beauty editor

4. Do some online shopping

"Dear RBG—in the interest of healing quickly and continuing to be the badass that you are, I'd like to prescribe you some light online shopping. The change in season is a great opportunity to justify new wares, and I find that scrolling endlessly through millions of coats/boots/sweaters/pants is a great form of active meditation. All you need is a healthy finger." —Kate Spies, VP of content and audience development

5. Cuddle up with a dog

"Google won't tell me whether RBG has a dog or not, but if she doesn't, it's worth calling up a friend to borrow one for some serious cuddle time. Whenever I'm ready to relax, my fluffy little pooch is right there by my side. She gives me all the slobbery kisses, and I give her all the belly rubs. The second RGB looks into those puppy dog eyes, any stress or sadness she's feeling from momentarily being unable to unleash her badassery onto the world will immediately melt away." —Tehrene Firman, news writer

6. Use a little CBD

"RBG needs some reiki, a wellnessy-cool or empowering Audible book to listen to, some CBD (like Lord Jones lemon flavor), H. Gillerman Organics stress remedy aromatherapy blend, adaptogenic tea, some comforting, use-everywhere salve like 8 Faces, and an overnight brightening mask (I’ve been using Kana!), because why the eff not." —Melisse Gelula, co-founder

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