How To Heal Your Sacral Chakra and Get Your Creative—And Sexual—Energy Free-Flowing Again

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If you feel like you’ve lost your creative mojo as of late, or are perhaps having trouble fully expressing yourself, it might be time for some sacral chakra healing, or practices design to align and balance the sacral chakra.

What are chakras, you ask? Thought to be associated with key elements of our physical and emotional functioning, the seven chakras are energy centers along the spine, as explained in ancient Hindu scriptures called the Vedas. And each one is connected to a particular set of physical organs in the body and mental and spiritual aspects of our being, with the sacral chakra (or Svadhistana in Sanskrit) located in the lower pelvis and reflecting our emotional center.

“[The sacral chakra] relates to our emotions, pleasure, sexuality, and creative life force,” says psychic and intuitive tarot reader Kate Van Horn, author of The Inner Tarot. When it's balanced (with its energy flowing freely), we tend to feel passionate, fulfilled, and emotionally in tune with ourselves and others. But when the sacral chakra is unbalanced, it's just the opposite: We can often run up against creative blocks or feel emotionally or sexually stifled. And in this case, sacral chakra balancing and healing can restore our natural energy flow and bring us back into harmony.

What is the sacral chakra, and why is it important?

The sacral chakra is located two inches below your belly button, just above the pubic bone, and it's one of the seven core chakras (or energy centers) running along the spine. The word "chakra" in Sanskrit translates to "wheel" or "disk," and that's exactly how you can picture each of the chakras—as a spinning energy wheel. A simple visual: When the energetic wheel spins too fast, the chakra is overactive, and when it spins too slow, it's underactive or blocked.

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Associated with each of the seven chakras is a unique chakra color, and for the sacral chakra, it's a vibrant orange symbolizing the chakra's governance over our emotions, sensitivity, sexuality, and self-expression, says Reiki practitioner and nutritionist Serena Poon. The element connected to the sacral chakra is water.

“The sacral chakra supports our emotional balance and creative inspiration, as well as healthy pleasure and sexual connection.” —Kate Van Horn, psychic and intuitive tarot reader

The sacral chakra is an important and sacred chakra to work with “because it supports our emotional balance and creative inspiration, as well as healthy pleasure and sexual connection,” says Van Horn.

How can I tell if my sacral chakra is unbalanced?

To determine whether your sacral chakra may be unbalanced, it's helpful to first picture a balanced one, which brings all of the above qualities associated with the sacral chakra into alignment. "When it's functioning optimally, we are emotionally content, uninhibited in our relationships and creative endeavors, and capable of deep intimacy," says Reiki practitioner and astrologer Ambi Kavanagh, author of Chakras & Self-Care. Chances are, your sacral chakra is balanced if you generally feel confident, creative, intuitive, and can connect vulnerably with others.

Any big gaps in these emotional arenas, however, could point to an unbalanced sacral chakra (whether overactive or underactive)—which tends to manifest as low self-worth, difficulties with intimacy, and a sense of disconnection.

Because of the location of the sacral chakra in the pelvis, its alignment (or lack thereof) can also play a role in the physical condition of your reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, and large intestines, says Poon. "Throughout the body, the particular frequency of the sacral chakra's vibration can also affect the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems," she adds. Any issue tied to these organs or bodily systems can also point to a unbalanced sacral chakra, given the ways in which energetic blockages are thought to manifest in physical symptoms.

By a similar token, any kind of physical sexual dysfunction or hormonal or fertility issues can all point to an unbalanced sacral chakra, given the energetic realm of the sacral chakra and its location in the body.

Signs your sacral chakra is overactive

An overactive chakra reflects a kind of imbalance that you can visualize as the chakra wheel spinning too fast. In the case of the sacral chakra, that might create feelings of overwhelm, emotional instability, or mood swings.

“An overactive sacral imbalance might make someone feel highly emotional, or even consumed by their emotions, fears, and worries,” says Van Horn. “They might notice they’re being more impulsive, or overindulgent in different habits, hobbies, or ‘vices,’ as this chakra is so connected to our senses and pleasure.”

Relatedly, an overactive sacral chakra could impact the vibe in your relationships, "manifesting as drama caused by possessiveness or jealousy," says Kavanagh.

And within the physical realm, this overactivity could lead to “hormonal imbalances, cycle changes for women, lower back pain, and urinary problems,” says Van Horn. (An important note: It's essential to connect with a medical professional if you're experiencing health issues as spiritual and physical healing can go hand-in-hand.)

Signs your sacral chakra is blocked

A blocked or underactive chakra is just the opposite of the above: Whereas an overactive chakra is essentially spinning too quickly, a blocked one is moving too slowly, leading to a weak manifestation of key sacral chakra qualities.

This often looks like low creative flow and a lack of passion. “If creativity and purpose feel stunted, and someone is having a hard time feeling inspired or excited by their creative interests or ideas, it’s telling that the sacral chakra is underactive,” says Van Horn. You may also struggle with your self-worth or have low self-esteem, as feelings of worthiness are connected to this energy center.

Additional issues that can indicate a blocked sacral chakra include emotional imbalance (including depressive symptoms) and low libido. "Other physical symptoms include pain and stiffness in the lower back and hips, urinary and kidney problems, gynecological or fertility issues, constipation, and pelvic pain," says Poon.

Again, though, if you’re experiencing health issues, speak with a professional. “It’s always best to understand and work with a doctor when exploring the physical and emotional manifestations of this chakra and healing,” says Van Horn.

10 effective ways to heal and balance the sacral chakra

1. Acknowledge the blockage

The first step in unblocking the sacral chakra is to simply acknowledge that your physical and energetic body needs support. “Know that that support can come in the form of healing through Reiki, or through other methods of energy healing that you can access by yourself or with a practitioner,” says Poon.

2. Connect with water

Because the sacral chakra is linked with the element of water, any form of deep hydration will do it some good. That means drinking a whole lot of water throughout the day, perhaps with a few orange slices to reflect the chakra's color, suggests Poon.

Taking a warm bath complete with an orange essential oil blend or even going swimming in a natural body of water can also help revive an underactive sacral chakra. (Are you a water sign? Get some extra guidance in balancing your sacral chakra by pairing chakra and zodiac elements.)

3. Eat foods that center the sacral chakra

When your sacral chakra feels out of whack, or as if it's spinning out of control, certain foods can help with grounding and balancing. “These include nuts, seeds, sweet potato, carrot, melon, mango, orange citrus fruits, butternut squash, fermented foods, and any other orange-colored foods,” says Poon.

4. Get your creative juices flowing

Given that the sacral chakra is all about creative expression, tapping into your artistic side—even if you feel as though you're lacking in artistic inspiration right now—can really help revive your creative energy flow. The best part, Poon says, is there's no right or wrong way to do this. Just do what feels fun, whether that’s coloring, drawing, cooking, baking, gardening, or something else entirely. (Or, challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before, like trying a new recipe or workout, or learning about a new topic.)

If you need somewhere to start, you can also try feeding off someone else’s creative energy. “Call someone who inspires you, and ask them what they're working on or doing that they're most excited about,” says Poon. “Their excitement and action can motivate you and spark your own creativity.”

5. Do some hip-opening yoga poses for the sacral chakra

Gentle hip-opening yoga poses can “bring energy, breath, spaciousness, and support” to the sacral chakra, says Van Horn. For beginners or anyone with tight hips, she recommends child’s pose, happy baby, and supine figure four on the ground. For those with an advanced yoga practice, try malasana (low squat), frog pose, and pigeon pose.

Van Horn says it may help to visualize the sacral chakra as a sponge: “The hips are absorbent and able to hold a great deal of water element, the element associated with our emotions, subconscious, and the sacral chakra,” she says. “By moving through hip openers like child’s pose and malasana, we have the opportunity to ‘wring out’ the sponge of old stagnant water and feel renewed.”

When it comes to yoga for the sacral chakra, Poon is also a fan of the goddess pose, which she says can really get things flowing again. To do it, play some music and stand with your feet wide apart, knees bent, and toes pointed out. Start to sway, keeping your lower body in a squat-like position, and try saying a chakra affirmation while you move: "I belong to the universal oneness, and I create with love."

6. Utilize dance and somatic movement

Hip-opening yoga poses are all-stars at unblocking the sacral chakra, but Van Horn says dance and somatic movement can aid in sacral chakra activation as well. “The fluidity of moving your hips to music, or simply shaking your body to release stagnant energy, is a great way to balance and activate the sacral,” she says.

7. Meditate

Meditation can also support Svadhisthana balancing and healing. “For the sacral chakra specifically, a meditation that incorporates loving affirmations is very supportive to validate emotions and past traumas, and practice body positivity,” says Van Horn, who also suggests gentle movement during meditation “to help activate and release the sacral chakra.” (Meditating can also help get rid of negative energy, so doing it often helps in more ways than one.)

8. Practice the sacral chakra chant

Each chakra has a mantra that connects with it and that supports its healing. For the sacral chakra, the mantra sound is vam. Poon says you can chant it as you’re doing the aforementioned hip-opening movements or poses or while sitting still during a meditation. Visualize the vibration of the chanting sound flowing directly to the sacral chakra.

9. Make use of sacral chakra crystals

When used alongside a sacral chakra healing meditation, orange crystals—to reflect the color of the chakra—can contribute to removing blockages and restoring balance. In particular, Poon recommends amber, coral, orange calcite, citrine, orange aventurine, carnelian, or hematite.

To use them, either lie down and place the sacral chakra crystals on your pelvis (where the sacral chakra is located) before beginning a meditation, or simply carry them with you throughout the day to embody their healing energy.

10. Find pleasure in the everyday

Feel like you’re going through life on autopilot? It may sound counterintuitive, but making it a priority to seek out the pleasure and joy in your everyday life (because, yes, it's there if you look for it) can actually aid in Svadhisthana balancing and restore the inspiration and spiritual nourishment you've been missing.

“Make even the mundane tasks in your day more pleasurable and appealing to the senses,” suggests Van Horn. “Lighting candles in the evening, turning on music while you clean, and generally making your day more cozy and comforting are simple ways to enjoy the everyday and replenish the sacral chakra.”

Feeling balanced? Sacral chakra healing symptoms

Now that you’ve taken some important steps to work through a sacral chakra blockage, you may be curious about the symptoms of healing and opening. Van Horn says your sacral chakra opening experience can go a couple of different ways.

“Someone might notice that they’re feeling more lit up and inspired by creative hobbies and interests, or more connected to their intimacy with a partner, or have a higher libido,” says Van Horn. “They could also notice more presence and peace when expressing their vulnerabilities and emotions.” Naturally, it's also possible that your own sacral chakra healing experience will bring about all of the above.

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