Here’s How This Urban Oasis Is Paving the Way for Wellness in Miami (Plus What to Do When You Visit)

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The Sacred Space founder Karla Dascal

Amidst all the white sandy beaches and glamorous night clubs that come to mind when you think of Miami, there's simultaneously a wellness revolution going on in the Magic City.

Exhibit A: The growing popularity of The Sacred Space Miami, which is basically an entire campus dedicated to all things wellness. The space takes up nearly an entire acre in the Wynwood Arts District, and it's leading the charge in making Miami as well known for its wellness presence as it is for its night life.

"A mass awakening is happening here in Miami," says The Sacred Space founder Karla Dascal. "Miami has just jumped on the same train as New York City and Los Angeles. Since 2008 through the Sacred Space's opening in 2016, I have been cultivating the conscious community and bringing the plant-based scene to Miami."

The Sacred Space Miami is leading the charge in making Miami as well known for its wellness presence as it is for its night life.

Whether you're headed down to see what all the buzz is about, booked on our next Well+Good Retreat (which will be taking a field trip to The Sacred Space's plant-based restaurant), or just jonesing for a warm-weather getaway, you'll want to check out Dascal's favorite Sacred Space activities to really experience wellness in Miami like a local.

"Overall, visitors should know that The Sacred Space Miami is an all-encompassing place for wellness," Dascal says. "As soon you walk into our urban oasis, there is an inexplicable sense of peace and healing energy that surrounds you." Sounds like ideal vacation vibes.

Keep reading for Dascal's 3 must-do activities when visiting The Sacred Space Miami.

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Workshops and fitness classes

If just lounging on the beach all day isn't really your jam (same), Sacred Space has enough wellness-focused programming to keep your itinerary packed with activities.

Love to cook? Take a class at the plant-based food academy Plant Culinary. Hate to miss a workout? The space hosts elevated movement classes throughout the week, including buzzy workouts like The Class by Taryn Toomey. Meditation or informational talks more your style? The space also hosts panels, educational workshops, and healing circles, and boasts residency to renowned healers such as Well+Good Council member Guru Jagat, Yung Pueblo, and Sahara Rose.

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Plant-based eats

Because dining at a city's best restaurants is one of the best parts about vacationing, you'll definitely want to check out Plant Miami, which features "high-vibrational, organic, plant-based cuisine, artistically prepared and presented by James Beard Award-nominated chef Horacio Rivadero," Dascal says.

Dascal's journey to wellness featured plants prominently as they helped her fight back from diabetes and obesity, which is why she wanted the restaurant to offer a plant-rich menu.

"[My personal food philosophy is] simply that plants heal," Dascal says. "Organic food is living food. I truly believe in the art of the cuisine, the integrity, and the purity of plant-based foods. I transformed my health by eating this way and wanted to share with the community a way to heal themselves too."

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High-vibe shopping

What's vacation without a little shopping? A far cry from the local mall, Flow is a curated wellness shop in The Sacred Space that's stocked with brands that were influential in Dascal's personal healing journey.

Plus, taking home Sun Potion adaptogens, Calyx Health CBD, Moon Juice elixirs, Odacite skin care, and Anima Mundi herbs and spirit tools sure make better vacation souvenirs than magnets and plastic beach flip flops.

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Photos: The Sacred Space Miami

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