Here’s What Kind of Adventure-Seeking Sagittarius You Are, According to Your Moon Sign

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Broadly speaking, it's hard not to love a Sagittarius: These mutable fire signs are known to be friendly, optimistic, quick to laugh, and always down for an adventure. (Chrissy Teigen, for example, is a textbook Sag.) Of course, not everyone born between November 22 and December 21 expresses these traits to an equal degree. There are many other planets that make up the complex mosaic of a person's natal chart, including their moon sign—the sign the moon was in when they were born—which provides insight to their inner life, subconscious urges, and emotions. For Sagittarius, moon signs have a major impact on how a personality looks.

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"Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is very benevolent. It's got this good-luck energy to it with a resonance of learning, growing, and expanding," says astrologer Natalia Benson. Even so, the moon changes signs about every two days, making it unlikely that every Sag in your life will be alike, emotionally speaking.

So, since your moon sign is representative of your inner, emotional world, while a Sag is known to have the visage of a world traveler, for example, a Sagittarius with a Cancer moon might be more of a homebody. To learn your moon sign—and those of your Sagittarius friends—input your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator, like this one. Then, read on to find out what the 12 types of Sagittarius moon signs mean.

Use Sagittarius moon signs to get more color on your warm, optimistic personality

Sagittarius with an Aries moon

Put these two fire signs together, and sparks are likely to fly. Aries energy has an extroverted, bold attitude that melds well with Sag's natural likability.

"This is going to be a personality that's very emotionally independent, with a life-of-the-party energy," says Benson. "But they may also have a bit of a temper when they're agitated or feeling impatient. Both Sag and Aries like things [to happen quickly], and waiting is a strange state of affairs for them." Those with this combination would do well to cultivate patience with others and think before they speak, she says.

Sagittarius with a Taurus moon

This moon placement has a grounding effect on the typically fierce Sag personality, says Benson. Taurus isn't known for being a wanderer—far from it. This sign is very grounded and rooted in practicality.

"A Taurus moon may give steadiness to the emotions," she says. "When they get really impassioned, they may have a little more balance because they have the Earth element there." She encourages people with this astrological combination to lean into the stabilizing qualities of their moon sign—especially if they feel like they have too much on their plate.

Sagittarius with a Gemini moon

As the sign connected with communication, Gemini moons tend to process their emotions verbally. Ruled by communication-oriented Mercury, Gemini is no doubt the wittiest sign in the zodiac wheel. With an expanded Sagittarius sun in the mix, says Benson, this person holds nothing back.

"They could be a comedian—someone who's shameless, but brilliant with how they share things," she says. "It's just important for them to be mindful of tact, keeping in mind that their words have a lot of power with the people in their lives."

Sagittarius with a Cancer moon

"The moon rules Cancer, so this is a very natural flow of energy emotionally," says Benson. Expect to channel the crab's moodiness in one way or another: the Cancer moon's depth of feeling can manifest in one of two ways with a Sagittarius. "It can be someone who's very in tune with their emotions and has an easy time expressing them—or they can bury what they feel," Benson says. "Find a healthy outlet for your emotional energy and your passions."

Sagittarius with a Leo moon

A Sag-Leo blend is basically the definition of Big Fire Sign Energy. Leo is a natural performer with a certain grandness to them, and a Leo Moon makes Sag light up. "This person does not mind being center stage or sharing opinions and ideas," says Benson. "There's a lot of intensity and passion in them."

While they mean well, their ego can sometimes take over, which is why Benson recommends seeking out ways to cool off, on occasion. "A great thing for this combination is to take baths, go to the spa, or go to the ocean," she says.

Sagittarius with a Virgo moon

While Sags are typecast as gregarious sorts, those with this moon placement might be a little more emotionally guarded. Virgo has the tendency to be more of a thinker (or an over-thinker, if we're being honest). "You're not entirely sure who they are. Even though they talk a lot, they keep a lot of things close to themselves," says Benson.

Her advice? Know that it's safe to be emotionally vulnerable, and let in those you trust. "If you want deeper relationships in your life, it's about you opening up first," she says. "Let people see who you truly are."

Sagittarius with a Libra moon

This Sagittarius often directs their trademark passion toward the people in their lives—friends, lovers, and business partners alike. Libra is a sign of romance and partnerships, and that adds a certain sentimentality to the usually solo-leaning Sag.

"It's very important for this combination to make space and time for their close relationships to feel really solid," says Benson. The one thing they may need to work on is feeling content when they're alone, she adds. "Don't be afraid to do things by yourself or to complete projects on your own."

Sagittarius with a Scorpio moon

Scorpio has a particularly deep and intense reputation, and a Scorpio moon lends some profoundness to the typically light and fun Sagittarius personality.

"This combination might have a bit of a cool, collected demeanor, but they can get really deep on things and with people," Benson says. If you have this placement in your chart, she recommends channeling the intensity of Sag and powerful energy of Scorpio into something positive that interests you, whether it's work or a hobby.

Sagittarius with a Sagittarius moon

Double Sags are known for being ultra-curious, charming, and social, says Benson. "They want to learn and understand people—get to know other cultures, she says. "This is a person with lots of different friend groups and relationships all over the place." That said, their emotional connections can often be surface-level, so Benson suggests they slow down and go deeper with their most prized pals, if that's something they're craving.

Sagittarius with a Capricorn moon

The combination of dynamic Sag and consistent Capricorn can be a bit challenging, says Benson. The Capricornian sense of seriousness conflicts with Sag's whimsical nature.

"These people often attempt to entertain their needs for both stability and variety, and that can sometimes feel a little confusing," she says. "If they'd like a bit more balance and integration, they should study more about what a Capricorn moon represents and then bring those qualities more and more into their personality."

Sagittarius with an Aquarius moon

An aloof Aquarius moon tends to tone down Sagittarius' bold energy, but that doesn't mean this person is emotionally detached. "This can be a Sag who's very altruistic. They really care about causes and are interested in other people and how they can help them," Benson says. "You may go to them for insight about life." If you have this combination in your chart and you're ever feeling lost or stagnant, she recommends getting involved with an activist group that lights your fire.

Sagittarius with a Pisces moon

Sagittarius and Pisces are both signs connected with spirituality, so this person is likely mystically minded. "They're probably doing inner work or reading spiritual books," says Benson. "This can be an energy of really desiring to understand who they are at an emotional level, which doesn't always matter to Sag." This is one of the more compassionate expressions of a Sagittarius sun, so you can prepare to feel very understood.

Originally published on November 25, 2019. Updated on March 8, 2020.

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