Beat the Heat in NYC by Taking a Dip in One of Its Coolest Saltwater Pools

Photo: Stocksy/Andrey Pavlov
For a concrete jungle, you can find a surprisingly large number of green spaces (hello, Central Park) and holistic health spots in New York City. Where the city lags behind other wellness hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco, though, is in the swimming pools department.

Watering holes are harder to come by in the Big Apple than rent-controlled apartments—especially if you're hoping to make a splash in one that's filled with salt water. But before you let the air out of your flamingo float, hold up! We've done some digging and come across a handful of saline-filled pools in the Greater NYC area where you can make a splash and soak up the health benefits of salt water—it can give your skin, plus immune and nervous systems all boosts, for starters—while avoiding the unwanted skin inflammation (yikes!) chlorine can cause.

Scroll down to see the 3 best saltwater pools in New York City.

1. The Chatwal, Manhattan

On days when the heat index is too high to go swimming outside (or, you know, the 3/4 of the year it's not summer), The Chatwal, a hotel in Midtown Manhattan has an indoor saltwater lap pool, which is available to guests of its Red Door Spa.

2. Royalton Park Avenue, Manhattan

Hidden in the midst of the chaos of midtown Manhattan is the Royalton Park Avenue, which, unlike the Chatwal, has an outdoor, rooftop saltwater pool so don't forget to pack the SPF. One caveat: You have to be staying at the hotel in order to take a dip.

3. CompleteBody, Manhattan

This fitness club's Midtown East location has a saltwater lap pool with a retractable roof making it the perfect place to get your aquatic cardio fix year-round.

If you're on West Coast you can find even more saltwater pools in Los Angeles, just make sure you pack enough swimsuits

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