Meet the Ridiculously Gorgeous Vacuum That Empties Itself, So You Don’t Have To

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Top the list of home chores you're likely to put off because it's just not fun is vacuuming. Perhaps that's due to the machine itself—maybe you hung on to that cheap vacuum you picked up in college, or were given a hand-me-down fossil that's in desperate need of an update. Or, maybe it's simply that vacuuming can be a total pain in the ass. Unruly cords, missing accessories, emptying the bag, a jam in the brush roller—it's a chore. That's why it's called "chores."

So when I had the opportunity to test the gorgeous new Samsung Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum ($899), I couldn't resist. It's the newest addition to Samsung's powerful Jet Vacuum series, only it swaps the traditional black-and-gray vacuum look with a style that's "designed to be seen." Looks aside, it empties the dust bin for you—which solves a pretty big pain point with traditional vacuums (as previously mentioned!). With the click of a button, the dust-bin dock sucks dirt and dander into a built-in bag, keeping clean-up convenient and mess-free.

Samsung, Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum + All in One Clean Station — $899.00

The hands-free cleaning system empties the vacuum for you with the click of a button. Available in three matte finishes: Misty white, woodsy green, and midnight blue.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum: My full review

Unboxing this beauty proved it was, indeed, a beauty. Samsung was kind enough to send me the model in Midnight Blue, which I fell in love with as soon as I opened it. True to the Bespoke collection's ethos, this vacuum is made to be seen. You won't want, or need, to hide it away in a cabinet or closet. Its contemporary design doubles as a work of art, elevated with metallic details and modern textures, and fits neatly in a corner, on its own space-saving charging dock.

That charging dock (aka, the Clean Station) is the game changer. Each Bespoke Jet Vacuum comes with two rechargeable batteries that promise 120 minutes of total run time. When one's being used, the other charges on the included accessory dock (more on that later), so if one runs out, you have a backup.

Photo: Francesca Krempa

As for the vacuum itself, it's impressive. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up—much shorter than I initially planned for. Unlike other vacuums I've used that are heavy to lug or drag around, it's light and handy, easy to push along carpet and hardwood alike. (You don't have to stop and switch out to another attachment mid-vacuum, as the main Jet Dual Brush is rated for hard, dry surfaces, from carpet to tile.) Aesthetic aside, I love that it's adjustable. At 5'9", I'm pretty tall, but the pipe extends with three adjustable lengths, so you don't have to be hunched over the entire time. Bye bye, back pain.

The best part? It empties itself

But I'm most impressed at how dang powerful and convenient the thing is. Samsung fueled each Bespoke Jet Vacuum with a 210 air Watt HexaJet Motor technology that gives it a sneakily strong suction. Its slim design and smaller body doesn't necessarily look like it'll get the job done. But we have a black-and-white dog who sheds wherever he goes, and this vacuum is a life-saver for sucking up fur, dander, and whatever else he brings into the house.

All of the grime goes through a five-layer filtration system, so you don't have to worry about stray dust particles and other weirdness dirtying up your air. Better yet, all of the grime gets sucked out into the automatic Clean Station with the push of a button in what is, hands down, the coolest feature of the vacuum. Each Jet Stick comes equipped with a clear dustbin that you'll see filling up while you're cleaning. When you're done, simply hang it back on the Clean Station (where it charges, too), press a button, and presto—the machine sucks out all of the dust and debris into a hidden, self-sealing dust bag. There's no more fighting with your vacuum to find said dust bag, or inhaling a cloud of dirt when you dump it into the trash. Press the button and watch the grime get sucked down into its bag (it's pretty fun to watch, TBH) in a completely mess-free fashion.

Accessories galore

I'm also impressed by how thoughtful the Samsung team was in creating their included attachments. As someone who likes to clean the furniture, car, and in between the baseboards, but can never find the right attachment, the Bespoke Jet Vacuum is a dream.

Photo: Francesca Krempa

Each vacuum comes with a convenient charging accessory cradle and a handful of attachments, including a pet brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and an extender. This is perfect for two reasons: 1) It plugs into a wall outlet to charge and store the spare battery, and 2) It's a convenient place to store all your tools and never lose them again. I just leave mine right next to the vacuum where everything is neatly organized and ready for me when I need to switch things up.

Final thoughts 

Overall, I'm pretty smitten with my Samsung Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum. So is my boyfriend, who dubbed it "pretty sweet," and says, "it impresses all our friends—it's like a cool party trick." I agree with him that it's entertaining to watch all the dirt get sucked into the dustbin (lots of Elf quotes in this household—"Very sucky!"), but it's more convenient than anything. And it sits so nicely in the corner, always charging and never an eyesore, different than any other vacuums I've ever owned.

Now, it's not perfect. First issue I have is that the charge doesn't last that long. There are three settings: Mid Mode, Max Mode, and Jet Mode. Since we fight so much fur, we usually run it on the higher Max Mode, which only gets us about 10 minutes of run time. Mid Mode is much more forgiving and lasts about 30 minutes at a full charge, while Jet Mode (which I've only run to test) only has three minutes of power. Yes, the thing is pretty much always charging, but on days when I want to do a full, deep clean of the house, having to run back and forth to switch batteries isn't entirely convenient.

I also noticed that the bags are fairly small (and expensive!), too. Each vacuum comes with four 2L dust bags that are *supposed* to last buyers about a year. Now, again, we have a lot of fur, so mine filled up in about 6-8 weeks. I wouldn't mind, but the Clean Station bags are sold separately in packs of five for $40—not exactly pocket change. But, again, at least you don't have to dump them yourself.

My few hangups aside, I think it's worth the money. Is $899 expensive for a vacuum? Yes, absolutely—the Bespoke Jet Vacuum is a price-y investment. But its convenience and gorgeousness makes it well worth it, IMO. It's a timeless piece that'll take the chore out of vacuuming. Shop the Samsung Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum line at Samsung, Lowe's, Home Depot, Wayfair, or Amazon.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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