The 11 Most Comfortable Heeled Sandals To Wear to All Your Summer Weddings

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Weddings are wonderful. The union of two people, the opportunity to catch up with friends and family who you may not have seen in a while, and let us not forget about the food and drinks. Of course, what’s not so wonderful about weddings is the often inevitable blisters that accompany fancy, more formal sandals and heels. And if you ask us, that’s just not acceptable.

Weddings should be nothing but joyous occasions with all focus on the celebration at hand. So, to keep you from wincing over your feet, we’ve rounded up the most comfortable pairs of heeled sandals that are every bit as comfortable as they are stylish. With a pair of these on your toots, you won’t even be tempted to go barefoot at the reception.

The best sandals for summer weddings

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42 Gold Liya Slide Sandal — $130.00

Allow me to introduce you to the most comfortable block-heeled sandals I’ve ever tried on. These soft suede heels, which are sold in four colors, feature two flexible straps that move with your feet every step of the way. Truly, they’re so cozy—so much so, that when I wore them for hours around New York City (including on the subways and through Stone Street’s cobblestone corners), never once did I get a blister. (Now, if only they’d come out in bold colors!)

Vince Camuto Roselian Sandal — $65.00

ICYMI: Strappy lace-up sandals are back in action for summer 2022 and this Vince Camuto pair offers a great way to partake in the heeled version of the trend. Rather than putting you on stiletto stilts, these chic sandals feature a square-bottomed spike heel, making them sturdy as can be. While they’re available in classic black, we can’t help but fawn over the metallic gold and lime options.

dolce vita
Dolce Vita Natie Sandal — $70.00

One scroll through Instagram and TikTok and you’ll notice these braided block-heeled sandals on more feet than you can count. When my best friend introduced me to them as her be-all, end-all heel, I wasn’t immediately convinced—I felt like the straps might be uncomfortable—but as soon I got my own pair, I understood the hype. Thanks to the square toe, the straps have a generous width that doesn’t squeeze your feet. Plus, due to a slightly padded footbed, the balls of your feet will never feel raw from walking (or dancing) in heels all night.

FitFlop Pilar Suede-Mix Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals — $150.00

With the help of FitFlop’s special CushX footbed technology, nobody would ever, ever know these sandal heels get a major nod of approval from podiatrists. Lightweight and slip-resistant, you’ll be able to dance in these sandals all night long. Choose from a stunning fuchsia or pretty lavender. Or both!

j slides
J/Slides Quirky Gold Leather Platform Sandal — $168.00

Prefer a platform? These fun metallic gold slides from J/Slides are worth slipping on. Although the upper looks like one solid, artfully padded piece, each line is actually a separate strap. Because of this, these sandals are particularly flexible, never making your feet feel restricted. Point blank: They’re great (and they’re sold in three colors).

circus sam edelman
Circus By Sam Edelman Marlie Platform Mule — $58.00

Puffy accents are very in for 2022 (just look at Dagne Dover’s new Puff Collection or Casetify’s new Pillow Case), which means these brightly-colored mules are right on trend. Sold in nine vivid colors (and black), these ‘90s-inspired sandals tout a 3-inch rise—but thanks to a cozy padded footbed and chunky, beveled heel, it doesn’t feel like it.

Marc Fisher Loreda Sandal — $89.00

Taking things down a notch, these knot-embellished kitten heel sandals from Marc Fisher, which are sold in six pretty colors, are comfy and chic. Thanks to the square-bottomed spike heel, they’re particularly sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about twisting your ankle on the dance floor.

Naturalizer Joy Dress Sandal — $135.00

Shoppers swoon over Naturalizer’s Joy Dress Sandal, thanks to the Contour+ technology that makes the footbed more comfortable than seems possible on a 3 ½-inch block heel. And now, the brand has released its newest hue, a blueish-purple that’s perfect for summer (we also love this cool, foil-y color that’s a colorful neutral that’ll go with everything).

Schutz Ariella Acrylic Mid Sandal — $128.00

If you love a statement heel that remains simple, these acrylic sandals from Schutz are it. They’re comfortable, thanks to a slim-but-stable rectangular heel and slightly stretchy vinyl straps. Although they’re sold in pink as well, dare we say, the baby blue version might just be the modern Cinderella shoe. Perhaps wearing these during wedding seasons will give you your own midnight moment.

betsey johnson
Betsey Johnson Guner Sandals — $79.00

Whether you’re looking to let your shoes be the star of your wedding guest ensemble, or you simply love to bring all the color to all your outfits (hi, same), these funky Betsey Johnson block-heeled sandals are a must. While the height may be modest, the metallic green straps, striped heel, and rhinestone butterfly accents are anything but—and we love to see it.

kat maconie
Kat Maconie Carmel Kicker Heel Sandal — $399.00

Put your most colorful foot forward with a pair of Kat Maconie’s iconic retro-inspired block-heeled sandals. Honestly, it’s hard to pick a single pair—they’re all stunning and many are designed with comfort in mind. Whether you opt for a pair with chunky high heels, a square-bottomed spike or kitten keel, or a low block heel, one thing’s for sure: If fashion is your forte, Kat Maconie is worth the investment.

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