Can’t Help but Wonder What’s on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Summer Reading List? Check It Out Here

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With summer unfortunately in its last few weeks, it's time to maximize the opportunity to sip a matcha lemonade under the vitamin-D rich sun rays (while properly protected, of course) with a good book in hand. Can't help but wonder what you should check out during your next library run? Sarah Jessica Parker has you covered with five picks from her personal list.

The Sex and the City icon and avid bookworm graciously holds a public account on Goodreads—which is basically Pinterest of the literary world—and it can essentially double as the list for her unofficial book club. She shares the tomes her nose is currently stuck in, what she's already finished cover to cover, and the titles she's diving into next. From thrillers to dystopian fiction and beyond, the actress seems open to all genres. So grab a pen and paper (and, okay, maybe a low-sugar cosmo because #selfcare), and jot down these must-reads.

Check out the 5 books currently on Sarah Jessica Parker's reading list.

1. We Were the Mulvaneys

Featured in Oprah's Book Club, We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates captures the downfall of a once-thriving family over the course of a 25-year period as they try to pick up the pieces.

2. The Smiling Man

This read, by Joseph Knox, is up anyone's alley who loves a good crime story. The book follows detective Aiden Waits as he tries to put together the pieces of a stranger's life after he's found dead. The catch? The stranger is smiling with teeth and fingertips that aren't his own, and no clues point to who he actually is.

3. Vox

Vox by Christina Dalcher (out August 21) gives off serious Handmaid's Tale vibes. Why? Well, in the novel, the government suddenly decides women are no longer allowed to speak more than 100 words a day—and one woman makes it her mission to reclaim her voice.

4. Nutshell

The most unique aspect of Nutshell by Ian McEwan is arguably that the story of murder and betrayal is told from the point of view of an unborn baby who's still chillin' in the womb. The creative take is likely a point of view you've never read before.

5. White Teeth

Best-seller White Teeth by Zadie Smith follows two unlikely friends who are World War II vets, and it hits on everything—no, really... everything—from love and race to religion and culture, keeping you entertained from start to end.

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