Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Might Have the Secret to a Lasting Marriage

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Thank the relationship gods that not all celebrity romance is doomed. Fourteen years of marriage and two kids later, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar are still going strong. And while ducking the Hollywood scene is certainly part of their #couplegoals success, Gellar says quality time in the kitchen has played a hand, too.

"The kitchen is the heart of our house," she says. "It's where everything happens from making meals to doing homework—I love the time we all get to spend together both cooking and, more importantly, eating."

Now Gellar's taking her love for the kitchen pro, with her business venture, Foodstirs, a subscription service now available at Whole Foods and Gelson's with kid-friendly baking kits (although it's worth noting that those sans kids will find these six-ingredient-or-less, chicly packaged mixes pretty appealing, too). "It was initially inspired by our children and the desire to enhance the quality time we could spend together," she says. And it had to be three things: easy, tasty, and made with high-quality ingredients.

"The kitchen is the heart of our house. It's where everything happens."

At the top of her Foodstirs to-do list was incorporating biodynamic foods, making the brand the only baking company to use biodynamic sugar. "Galit [Hadari Laibrow, another co-founder of Foodstirs] and I were both aware that this type of  farming is the way of the future," she says, adding that her kits are also GMO-free. This is a celeb who definitely knows her stuff when it comes to food sourcing.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Foodstirs
Photo: Foodstirs

At home, she and Prinze often talk about food sources with their kids, 7-year-old Charlotte and 4-year-old Rocky. "We make sure we all participate, discussing the ingredients and where they come from, and most importantly putting down all devices so the time we spend is quality time—well, after we take a pic of the food!" she explains.

And of course, it's a way she and her husband show their love for each other, too. "I'm always impressed by the creativity Freddie pulls out at Thanksgiving, but equally happy with the year I got to [cook for him] while he was recovering from surgery," Gellar says. Another favorite food memory? Being a recipe tester for his book, Back to the Kitchen. Her response? "Hey, someone had to do it!" Point taken.

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