Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Her Two-Word Mantra to Get You Through Any Tough Time

Want to know what Sarah Michelle Gellar is reading? Watch the full video here.

Nobody has been waiting for the Sarah Michelle Gellar renaissance like I have. Her Instagram is my self care; every time I need a burst of wholesome, glowing energy, she rises to the top of my newsfeed. Clearly I'm up to speed with the goings on of her world she feels compelled to share, but those who don't follow as diligently usually associate Gellar with her status as a '90s icon, half of #couplesgoals with Freddie Prinze Jr., and, yes, Buffy Summers. But, she's so much more. In the latest episode of The Avocado Show, Well+Good's YouTube series where our favorite celebs sit down with our favorite fruit, Gellar reminds us that she's an entrepreneur, a mom, and—AHHH!!!—returning to TV.

In fact, Gellar is cast in not one but two upcoming shows: Other People's Houses and the Ellen Degeneres-produced limited series Sometimes I LieWhile sitting down with beauty and fitness editor Zoë Weiner over tuna tartare with avocado and caviar, Gellar divulges what she missed most about television: "I missed my trailer," she says. "No, I'm just kidding. I miss telling stories, I'm a storyteller. And the beauty of my life now is I get to be both; I get to be an entrepreneur and have a company, and I also get to be a storyteller."

ICYMI, Gellar is a co-founder of Foodstirs, an organic and non-GMO baking kit company. And she readily admits that entering a startup is no joke, but that doesn't make it any less important. "Showing my children that midway through my life I could try something, never being afraid of doing something that you may not necessarily be a success at, having an idea, and making it a tangible product that [they see] when they go into the grocery store is amazing."

The process hasn't been without struggle (nothing worthwhile ever is), but those struggles have shifted Gellar's outlook and taught her how to embrace unplanned hiccups."Don't look it as failure, it's just the first attempt at learning," she says. That mind-set also fits into her worldview about all issues that fall short of expectations—because no matter who you are, life offers no shortage of those situations. That's why, in times when you're trying to get through something difficult, she wants you to repeat a two-word mantra: for now.

"For example, 'My child is not sleeping through the night...for now,'" Gellar says. 'My child won't eat vegetables...for now.' I think you can just add that for everything, like, 'I'm not going to the gym...for now.'"

Well, that's all…for now. If you want to know what's on her reading list, her go-to breakfast, and whether she or Freddie is the better cook, watch the full video here.

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