Where in Your Life You’ll Feel the Freeing Effects of Saturn Going Direct, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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When a planet stations direct after a retrograde transit, the areas over which it rules draw most of our attention, and we gain clarity on how to tackle or confront them, or grow within their scope. In the realm of Saturn, that shift to transiting direct happened on October 11, ending a lengthy retrograde period that began on May 23. And while everyone can expect to experience some free-flowing energy thanks to the planet stationing direct for the rest of 2021, just how that manifests for you will depend, in part, on your zodiac sign.

"As the outermost of the traditional planets that can be seen with the naked eye, Saturn has come to symbolize the concept of limits, which can mean inner doubts or insecurities or outer roadblocks or obstacles," says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. So, when the planet was traveling retrograde over the past year, and particularly when it was in a difficult square with Uranus on February 17 and June 14, you may have found yourself stymied, confused, or frustrated in the pursuit of larger goals.

"As Saturn is traditionally ruled by both Capricorn and Aquarius, this is an energy that pushes us toward growth, maturity, and integrity." —astrologer Vanessa Hardy

But now, with Saturn going direct for the rest of 2021, we can expect to confront whatever those limits may be and also have a clear path forward on breaking free from them. "As Saturn is traditionally ruled by both Capricorn and Aquarius, this is an energy that pushes us toward growth, maturity, and integrity," says astrologer Vanessa Hardy. With Saturn back on its direct course, we're empowered to move forward into the next chapter without friction, synthesizing the lessons of the year and leveling up as a result of them.

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The particular arena of life in which you'll feel that helpful boost for the rest of 2021 depends on how Saturn interacts with your birth chart—and notably, your sun sign (aka the sign you'd read for in a horoscope).

Here's how Saturn going direct in 2021 may release you from limitations, based on your sign:


It's likely that you were pushed toward something of a friendship audit these past few months, Aries. And that's because Saturn has been transiting backward through your 11th astrological house of community. "You may have taken stock of the people surrounding you and considered whether or how they were supporting you," says Hardy. Now, you could become more confident in establishing boundaries with certain folks and bringing others into the fold, says Marmanides. It's about time you found your crew of real ones.


Expect a career boost, Taurus. Saturn goes direct in your 10th house of public image and work, moving you toward more responsibility, more pay, or (ideally) both. This may come at the culmination of a tougher period, where you may have had a humbling experience in the public eye or even a re-evaluation of what it is you really want to pursue. Now is your time to lean in and step up.


You could gain some much-needed clarity in the realm of your long-held or entrenched beliefs, Gemini. Over the past few months, Saturn has been moving backward through your ninth house of higher wisdom, pushing you to figure out whether you've been practicing what you preach, says Marmanides. And now is the time for solidifying that alignment. "Be open to sharing what you've learned and to learning new things," she adds. "Allow yourself to be both the teacher and the student."


Questions of karmic patterns, debts, and resources may have bubbled to the surface for you over the past few months, Cancer, as Saturn moved through your eighth house of death, mental health, and other people's money. "You may have been pushed to get real with your savings plan or to cultivate a new relationship with your spiritual side," says Hardy. Now, you emerge on the other side with a much stronger sense of self-sufficiency and self-reliance across the board.


Your closest relationships will be under the astrological spotlight, Leo. Saturn is in your seventh house of partnerships, turning your attention to the responsibilities or commitments you've made therein. That could certainly refer to romantic relationships, but it could also call upon professional ones, particularly given the fact that Uranus (which has been squaring Saturn throughout the year) has been moving through your 10th house of career. In either case, whatever energy comes up now is destined to help you partner—professionally or romantically—in a stronger, healthier way, says Hardy.


If you've brushed up against issues of physical health or mental well-being over the past few months, Virgo, now is your time to anchor newfound wellness practices, says Marmanides. Saturn transiting through your sixth house of health may have encouraged you to reconsider your diet, exercise, or self-care rituals, and with its shift direct, you may feel new energy toward wellness commitments. Whether you log on to those virtual workout classes, renew your meditation-app subscription, or otherwise, whatever it is you most enjoy doing for your health will come easily.


It's time to let loose, Libra. Saturn turning direct in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure is urging you to inject more joy and fun into your life, says Marmanides. And as is typical for Saturn, it's pushing you to take a deeply critical, serious approach to it—yes, even toward the topic of fun itself: Are the activities you do for leisure really serving you? Could other ones serve you better? You'll be energized to answer those questions and to find the real route toward passion, love, and light in your life.


Family matters are on the cosmic table for you, Scorpio. Saturn turning direct in your fourth house of home, family, and domesticity means you could have a breakthrough with regard to a conflict that surfaced with a sibling or relative this past year. "You're being asked to move forward toward resolution," says Marmanides. This is a time to find or create a place where you can truly feel at home.


You're usually smooth with words and confident in self-expression, Sagittarius, even if it hasn't felt that way during the past retrograde season. Perhaps you've struggled with improvising, or the retrograde kicked up some disagreements around issues of belief systems, spirituality, or religion, as Saturn moved backward through your third house of communication. But now, those stumbles and frustrations are wrapping up, and you can speak your mind more clearly once more. Prepare to engage in more meaningful and effective ways.


This shift will be particularly momentous for you, Capricorn, as Saturn is your ruling planet. It's been moving in reverse through your second house of money and resources, perhaps stalling your progress on salary negotiations or prompting some unnecessary expenses, says Hardy. Thankfully, that period is over, and you can expect a positive shift toward liquidity. In other words, it's time to get that bread, and you feel more empowered now than you have this past year to act from a place of knowing your true value.


As with Capricorn, this is a capital-b Big moment for you, Aquarius. While Uranus is your modern-day planetary ruler, Saturn is your ancient astrological ruler, and it's currently right in Aquarius (that is, it's in your first house of identity and self-image). The past few retrograde months have been a test, as Saturn has turned you toward yourself, asking you to face yourself, accept yourself, and eliminate the ways in which your ego needs validation, says Hardy. Now, you may experience a series of events that are cosmically designed to give you more opportunity to express yourself and defend your personality, says Marmanides.


Prepare for some deep self-reflection, Pisces. Saturn has been moving backward through your 12th house of spirituality and the subconscious, hidden life. The retrograde may have caused some feelings of loneliness, emptiness, or even a crisis of consciousness, says Hardy. But you have the opportunity now to deepen your connection to your soul and the psychic realm, she adds. And to do that, this period is allowing you more space to rest. This is your sign to slow down, practice self care, and find comfort in alone time.

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