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How the Goal-Oriented Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius May Affect You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If any astrological transit were to be associated with a cosmic curveball, it would be a retrograde (which happens when a planet appears to move backward through the sky). And if there were a particular planet linked with difficult periods of growth and reconciliation, it would be Saturn. Pair the two together and you get a bit of an astrological doozy: Saturn’s yearly retrograde, happening from June 4 to October 23 in the humanitarian-minded sign of Aquarius.

Because Saturn is one of the outer planets (aka far away from Earth), this transit is relatively lengthy—and won’t show up with quite as visceral a bang as say, a Mercury retrograde, says astrologer Cristina Farella. Think of it more like a slow roll, surfacing questions over the next few months around Saturnian themes of responsibility, rules, and commitment. “Saturn is the cosmic taskmaster, asking us, ‘Are you sure about this? Is this who or what you really want to be committed to?’” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

“Saturn retrograde signals a time of turning inward and putting in the deep work that’s required for us to move toward our long-term goals.” —Cristina Farella, astrologer

Sure, that might sound heavy, but you can think of Saturn’s influence as more like tough love than a needless obstacle. “Saturn retrograde signals a time of turning inward and putting in the deep work that’s required for us to move toward our long-term goals,” says Farella.

What to expect from Saturn retrograde in Aquarius in 2022

Because this Saturn retrograde is happening in community-oriented Aquarius, you can anticipate a certain big-picture tinge to it. “Saturn in Aquarius is all about our commitment to our vision for the future,” says Marmanides. And the retrograde could shake that up or reveal a different path forward.

On a societal level, Farella anticipates shifts and struggles around our financial institutions and bureaucracy, perhaps further highlighting the need for our country to dismantle oppressive systems. And more personally, you might encounter a difficult “course correction” that points you toward necessary growth, says Marmanides. The best way to embrace that is to slow down and reflect. “This is a time to reexamine the structure of your life, your commitments, and your relationships,” says Farella. That could mean checking in with how you’re using your resources, what you’re taking responsibility for, and whether your efforts feel well-aligned.

The particular area of your life where you’ll be pushed to do that work will depend on how this transit interacts with your birth chart—and in particular your sun sign (aka the sign that drives the thrust of your personality) and rising sign (the sign reflecting how you show up in the world). Below, Farella and Marmanides share how this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is most likely to affect each sign, so you can gear up accordingly.

Here’s how Saturn retrograde in Aquarius may affect each sign, according to astrologers


Your retrograde-prompted re-assessment could arrive in the form of friendship reality check, Aries. Given that this transit activates your 11th house of community, you could find yourself re-examining "which of your friendships were made to stand the test of time, and which were just made to share a lesson or perspective with you," says Marmanides. Perhaps you may need to rethink the effort you're putting into certain relationships, particularly if it's not being reciprocated or is no longer serving your best interests, Farella adds.


Expect some tension at work, Taurus, as Saturn retrograde in Aquarius touches your 10th house of career. Perhaps you're struggling to see the path forward and can only seem to focus on a past mistake. Or maybe you're dealing with an overbearing authority figure who seems to be standing in the way of that path, says Marmanides. Either way, take this time to look back upon your achievements, consider the progress you've made, and think about where you'd ideally like to go—without making any big moves just yet. Time spent reflecting will coalesce into a clearer career direction once Saturn goes direct again in October, says Farella.


Your broader belief system could be due for a revise, Gemini. You may find yourself "rethinking how you'd like to meet the wider world through travel, art, culture, or spirituality," says Farella, of this retrograde's impact on your ninth house of exploration. This might be prompted by a shift in your personal priorities or the fact that your point of view has been challenged or criticized by those in your circle, says Marmanides. In any case, take this time to revisit old ideas and see where there might be room for new ones, perhaps by embracing a new spiritual methodology, academic study, or travel to a place you've never been.


Get ready to get deeply emotional, Cancer (as you're wont to do, anyway). This transit activates your eighth house of "power dynamics and personal depths," says Farella, "and this may be a potent opportunity to do some digging on issues that may need to be healed." What bubbles up is likely to fall in the realm of intimacy and vulnerability, says Marmanides: "You can be self-protective, but this transit is asking you to consider how your boundaries are working for you—that is, whether they're too rigid with some people or not rigid enough with others."


Relationships are on your retrograde docket, Leo. And that could refer to romantic or platonic ones, as the seventh house of partnerships—which this retrograde will highlight—encompasses both, says Farella. This is a time to ask yourself the hard questions about anyone with whom you share an important one-on-one relationship, says Marmanides: Are they your cheerleader? Do they support your dreams? Are you clear on how you've mutually defined the relationship, or are you dealing with a fear of commitment? Thinking through the answers will move you toward an understanding of meaningful partnership.


Are your daily habits and routines serving your health, Virgo? That's what you'll be pushed to consider as this Saturn retrograde moves through your sixth house of rituals and wellness. "Now is the time to think about whether you're emotionally, physically, mentally, or even spiritually burning out," says Marmanides. And if you suspect that you are, it's also a time to edit out the habits that may be fueling that burnout in order to make room for new ones that'll serve you better, she adds.


Overall, this retrograde likely won't hit so hard for you, Libra. It touches your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, perhaps inspiring you to approach an old side project with renewed vigor. "Maybe you head back to the lab or the drawing board to make sure the foundation you've laid is steady and secure or to fine-tune something you'd previously written off as completed," says Farella. At the same time, it's also possible that you rethink whatever's been filling up your free time, and embrace an entirely new project, says Marmanides. On the whole, this transit, for you, is about reconnecting with self-expression.


Your home life could be stirred by this transit, Scorpio. Its activation of your fourth house of familial roots could mean confronting ancestral patterns and the behaviors you may have picked up from your parents. "Old stories of belonging may be reassessed," says Farella, who recommends using this time to reflect on what it takes for you to truly feel "at home" and for your home to feel secure, organized, and protective. "You could experience changes to your home environment and an increased sense of responsibility for family members and house-related matters," says Marmanides.


The way you communicate, particularly with your local community and neighbors, could be called into question, Sagittarius. Maybe you're made more aware of the weight that your words carry, says Marmanides, as Saturn often represents heaviness, and this transit highlights your third house of communication. It's also possible that you're pushed to revisit the types of words or data you're consuming. "Is there a book that needs finishing or a paper that needs editing?" Farella suggests you ask yourself. "Use this time to reassess what you are inspired by and how you ritualize and celebrate the art of learning."


Apt for your values-oriented perspective, this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius ruffles up your second house of resources and money, urging you to rethink your sense of self-worth. "This is asking you to really think about your strengths, your talents, and the inner resources you've yet to tap," says Marmanides. Yes, that might mean taking a good, hard look at your budget and your possessions to see if they align with your values. But also, during this time, it's important to remember that you are so much more than your bank-account balance, adds Marmanides.


Hold on tight, Aquarius. If you suspected this transit might be tough for the fact that it's happening in your sign—aka your first house of identity and self-image—you guessed right: "You could find yourself contemplating some serious and life-defining questions," says Marmanides.

Given that Saturn has been moving through your sign since 2020, you've likely learned a lot about your personal needs, how you want to show up in the world, and how you can take responsibility for the ways that you do, says Farella. And now, it's time to get existential about how far you've come and "make space for an even more authentic version of you to emerge over time," says Farella.


While this Saturn retrograde might be a time for everyone to turn inward, that energy is particularly salient for you, Pisces. "As Saturn stations retrograde on June 4 in your twelfth house of unconscious energies and private experiences, pay attention to your dreams," says Farella, "as this transit may awaken important messages from deep within your psyche." The goal here is to consider what fears might be holding you back and how reconnecting to your inner monologue or your intuition could help you move forward with more alignment. To do so, consider setting aside ample time to journal, reflect, and rest, says Farella.

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