Saturn’s Retrograde Moves From Aquarius Into Capricorn This Week⁠—Here’s What To Expect of the Cosmic Clash

We're going through an intense summer of multiple retrogrades, and you're likely feeling the effects. While some planets are back on their rightful track (Venus retrograde ended June 24, so breathe a sigh of relief for your love life), Saturn is still in retrograde, transiting from Aquarius back into Capricorn this week. On March 22, Saturn moved into Aquarius and now it'll be backpedaling into the sign of rules, authority, and ambition until December 17. And the Saturn retrograde in Capricorn really matters, according to transformational astrologer Corina Crysler.

"The energies between Capricorn and Aquarius could not be more different," says Crysler. "Aquarius is about the collective and humanity. They are the visionaries and can predict what we need to do for our future. They are inventive, progressive, and super intelligent. They have zero patience for rules that don’t make any sense and will not tolerate suffering."

Aquarius is a true sweetie, and you can see that it wants the best for the world. Unfortunately, it really has a cosmic clash when it comes to Capricorn. Likewise Pluto, also in retrograde, comes into play here. Pluto is a planet that brings the hidden into light and transforms darkness into awareness; it has been influencing Saturn the entire time.

"In terms of Saturn, think of the government, the rules we live by, and old ways of what we have built our infrastructure on, now being dismantled by Pluto, the transformer," says Crysler. "When it entered Aquarius, many things started to rise to the surface on a collective level, including the wrath of COVID-19. In many ways this virus has created a lot of suffering, but in many ways it has created change for awakening."

The problem is, as hopefully you know, not everyone is awake yet. Some people, tongue-kissing with danger as they plan their big Fourth of July get-togethers , do not understand just how serious an issue like a global pandemic or systemic racism is. That's a bonkers sentence to type out, but it's why this Saturn transit matters. Saturn now has the perspective of Aquarius to understand where we need to go, and before it goes back forward, we have to fix the things that we missed.

So for example, a White person poignantly stirred by the Black Lives Matter movement, might have some kind of Aquarius awaken during the last few months. They realize, "Oh, it's NOT just about me!" (which, duh, but that's a difference conversation). But the work requiring being Anti-Racist doesn't just involve having a progressive mindset. It's looking back on the structures and systems that uphold white supremacy with this mentality, and dismantling them. That's reflective of how we're backpedaling through tradition-upholding Capricorn.

"We missed the mark on many aspects of humanity that were still 'hidden' and the retrograde is taking us back to 'fix' this or at least bring it into awareness for now," says Crysler. "Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, therefore, we must look at the infrastructure of our systems, values, and how we treat each other and the planet. The 'old way' work anymore, and we must do better. This is the opportunity of the planetary alignment of Pluto and Saturn and this retrograde."

If you don't know where to start, pull your natal chart out. That is, get to a birth chart generator and see where Capricorn is on your chart, as that'll point you towards the area in your life that needs changing.

"It's important to know where Capricorn is in your chart, as this is the area in your life where you are being called to make changes and big ones," says Crysler. "What are the limiting beliefs, fears, or relationships that need to be reframed, re-evaluated or in most cases, completely let go of to initiate your personal growth and evolution? What is holding you back from doing so?"

Also recognize the walls you put up to keep yourself safe, and allow Pluto to show you the path of transformation, as it'll show you how to slip into your personal power. So uh, check out where Pluto is too to aid in that quest.

Finally, hold tight if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Capricorn, because you'll be extra impacted by this transit. Pay extra close attention to what changes in your life need to be made, and what old systems are holding you back. If your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is in Aquarius it's time to step into your purpose, and though it sounds hard, that means forgoing tradition.

"Expect more to come to the surface in the next few months, but understand it is creating a new way for the advancement of our future," says Crysler.  In any transformational process there is an initiation which creates a crisis period and that is what we are in. Without it, however, there cannot be a rebirth. Retrogrades carry messages, and create a time to reset.

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