Your Saturn Sign Is Connected To Relationship Success—Here’s the Top Tip for You

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In astrology, Saturn is the planet of structure, stability, and essentially "adulting." It's a taskmaster planet that throws challenges your way to help you grow up. And while it doesn't speak to love or pleasure like Venus and Mars do, understanding the meaning of your Saturn sign can actually be vital to a relationship's success.

But how? "In relationships, Saturn relates to our ability to stay committed, even during the tough times," says astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang. "In your natal chart, Saturn’s influence can indicate whether you’re afraid of commitment or if you put too much pressure on yourself to stay committed, even if you’re unhappy in the relationship. Saturn also factors into whether or not we feel controlled in relationships."

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Don't know what your Saturn sign is? Plug your birth date, time, and location into a birth-chart generator. Then read below, where Lang unpacks how to use your Saturn sign to understand your relationship roadblocks and then move past them.

Use your Saturn sign to overcome the top obstacle you face in relationships

Saturn in Aries

Headstrong Saturn in Aries wants to be their own boss and do things their own way. Your relationship obstacle is actually more about being strong when it comes to "I," not "we."

"Learning cooperation is important for you, but so is accepting your need for independence," says Lang. "We can feel pressured into being in a relationship, but you don’t need to take on that pressure. You know how to rely on yourself. Stay confident in your abilities."

Saturn in Taurus

You value a stable, secure life, having nice things, and feeling financially solid. So, acquiring the physical, finer things in life is important for your romantic commitment, and indulging in them is important for your relationship health.

"It’s important for you to take time to enjoy life’s pleasures with your partner, or it can all feel like work," says Lang. "Make sure you have fresh flowers in the house, give one another massages, and keep a work/life balance."

Saturn in Gemini

Communication can be a pain point in relationships for those with Saturn in Gemini, but overcoming those challenges is integral to your intellectual success.

"In relationships, remember you don’t have to choose the perfect words to express yourself," says Lang. "Speak from your mind and heart; let it flow. If you feel misunderstood, try a new way of articulating your thoughts rather than shutting down."

Saturn in Cancer

Cancer is the sign of nurturing, and one of your core challenges in a relationships is the tendency to give and care for others. According to Lang, receptivity is what you need to learn in relationships.

"Open yourself to letting others care for you, let your sweetheart make you dinner," says Lang. "Also, let down your guard, and let others know how you feel. Resist the tendency to judge your emotions."

Saturn in Leo

In order to grow, those with Saturn in Leo must learn to shine their light and express themselves in the world. So, a potential challenge in relationships is that you can hold yourself back or find yourself in someone else’s shadow.

"It’s a comfortable place for you to be, but you’re not here to play small," Lang says. "Find a love who helps inspire your creativity or one who will collaborate with you on creative projects. Passion is another important thing in relationships. Realize you don’t have to sacrifice passion for stability."

Saturn in Virgo

For those with Saturn in Virgo, you're looking to find balance. In relationships, this might mean you might find yourself too critical of yourself or others. Try to loosen up, or else your partner might feel like they’re in a no-win situation...and make sure you’re having fun!

"Life doesn’t have to be all work, though that’s your comfort zone," says Lang. "You have a deep desire to give back to the world and make a difference, but let your love life be enjoyable and fun."

Saturn in Libra

"Saturn is exalted in this sign, and this gives you a strong sense of fairness and balance in relationships," Lang says. "Equality in relationships is a strong theme, but you might choose older or younger partners. You crave stability and commitment in relationships, but because you take them so seriously, you might take your time going fully into a relationship."

Her advice? Try not to compromise yourself in relationships and strive for peace at all costs. "Realize that conflict is healthy, and find balance in your relationships between give and take," says Lang.

Saturn in Scorpio

A person with Saturn in Scorpio may face challenges when it comes to creating intimacy in a relationship, which might include a resistance to merging finances or even to committing in the first place.

"Your challenge is to let go of your inner control freak and to let your partner be themselves," Lang says. "When it comes to sharing finances with someone, you are very protective of your assets. By letting professionals help, you can avoid conflicts with your partner. Sex can be a good way of connecting with your love and also a way to promote intimacy."

Saturn in Sagittarius

"Your Saturn placement gives you an ability to have faith even when times are tough, and this is especially helpful in relationships because every relationship weathers tough times," says Lang. "Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and abstract thinking, but in relationships, sometimes you need to be practical in communication."

In order to have a successful relationship, look to someone who is as curious as you are—someone who can teach you things, but who also wants to learn. "Try not to be too rigid with your ideas or beliefs," Lang says. "Keep an open mind."

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, which means this sign actually feels at home in Saturn. It points to you being naturally goal-oriented, future-thinking, and a tireless worker who's willing to go above and beyond.

"When it comes to relationships, you are more inclined to want a commitment and to have some assurance that the relationship is going somewhere," says Lang. "You’re also concerned about your reputation and want someone who’s on a similar path. Life can feel like all work and no play, which is why it’s important to relax and enjoy time with your love."

Saturn in Aquarius

If you're a Saturn in Aquarius baby, welp, your life's objective is simply to make the world a better place. You show up to the table with lots of progressive ideas and humanitarian visions...but you don't want to do it alone.

"Your relationship needs to support this aspect of your life," says Lang. "You crave a partner who can participate with you to influence society. In relationships, it’s important to build community with your partner and to have a strong social network."

Saturn in Pisces

Finally, Saturn in Pisces folks are all about spiritual growth and enlightenment, with a rich imagination and ability to go to deeply mystical places. In a relationship, you may mistrust your spiritual gifts or fear losing control. You have a fun solution though: Sex and intimacy can help you overcome this resistance, as can adopting little rituals with your S.O.

"Your partner can help inspire your confidence and make you feel safe," says Lang. "Look for ways to engage in a spiritual practice with your partner, or, if you're single, you might find your special someone through meditation or yoga classes. You can ground your spiritual energy and make a big difference in the world. The right partner will be with you on that journey."

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