Grab Your Wallet, Because This Week’s Saturn Square Uranus Transit Focuses on Financial Health

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As the curtain opens on a new week, two of our most giant planets are having a dance-off, and the world's their stage. And just like the "bad boy" dance rumble in the final sequence the film Center Stage, this scene that unfolds with the Saturn square Uranus transit may play out in our minds forever. (Note: It can't just be me who thinks about that scene from the movie often.)

Anyway, let’s talk about the transit happening on June 14th, with Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. As we look back, this particular transit has historical implications of significant economic disruption. Since Aquarian Saturn rules connective structures (like banks and large-scale financial institutions), expect tensions to Taurean Uranus, indicating disruption of personal wealth.

Since Aquarian Saturn rules connective structures, expect tensions to Taurean Uranus, indicating disruption of personal wealth.

We spoke of this Saturn square Uranus transit as we geared up for 2021, but only had the doom and gloom Aquarian Saturn in mind. Our reference points for this seismic financial shift were Taurean Uranus squares of 1929 (the year the stock market crashed and led to the Great Depression) and March 2020 (global pandemic pandemonium, in case you needed a reminder). But, thankfully, we have since seen another date of this square—and one that manifested in a decidedly more prosperous way. The date? February 17th, 2021. The story around this time? GameStop.

Thanks to users on platforms like Reddit and TikTok, this relatively thinly traded stock skyrocketed on the market in late January. For some, GameStop was a first foray into playing the market, and many hoped for a piece of that sweet money pie. But the trending stock soared in price (known as a short squeeze) helping a few "savvy" investors get rich quickly while others lost majorly.

When the stock was taken off the popular trading app Robinhood altogether at the end of January, reportedly due to the platform's concerns about market volatility, it led to outrage around unfair and potentially illegal regulation. The story took another eventful turn when co-founder of the pet retailer Chewy was named chairman of GameStop in mid-February, and the stock soared once more. Eventually, this modern-day David versus Goliath saga (of a low-stakes stock becoming a heavy-hitter) outlined the central theme of this Saturn square Uranus transit: What happens when new wealth floods longstanding institutions in a tumultuous manner?

If there is a chance to redistribute wealth through innovation (which Aquarian Saturn and Taurean Uranus can ultimately pave the way for), these squares force the issue. Due to rapidly spreading information, we already see rumbles of other stocks on the rise thanks to this Aquarian influence.

Regarding whether or not you should dip your toes in investing… well, you'll need to make that call for yourself. What I can say, though, is that it's a great time become educated on the stock market, cryptocurrency, or any other financial institutions. Making a choice to become financially literate is empowering and invaluable to your future financial wellness.

If you feel blocked regarding the desire to level up your finances and financial literacy, check out the book Worthy, by Nancy Levin to help uncover myths you may carry regarding money and wealth, which are known as "shadow beliefs." We often harbor these beliefs from very early childhood that limit us later on. (Think: learned myths like "rich people are untrustworthy" or "I don't deserve new clothes unless it's my birthday.") Such thoughts stay in our subconscious and silently operate in our waking actions. If this rings true, start uncovering your worthiness blocks as a prelude to becoming financially literate. Bust those myths, and trust your gut.

The best days to dive into research on money matters are when the mercurial Virgo moon trines Uranus in Taurus on June 16th and 17th. And if worthiness unblocking is a notion that resonates with you, wait until the end of the week, when the moon moves into Scorpio on June 20th, to delve into your subconscious. If you work with this energy now, you'll be ready for the last peak of this Saturn square Uranus transit happening on December 24th. Do yourself a favor and start laying the groundwork now.

Alex Caiola is an Astrologer and Psychic intuitive Coach based in New York City. She founded the mystical wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She uses a unique blend of Astrology and Tarot to deliver practical, pop-culture referenced guidance for her community. She regularly contributes Astrological content for brands and co-hosts the podcast Priestesses Prescribe.

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