Taskmaster Saturn Has Big Plans for 2021—Here’s What Astrologers Want You To Know

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If so far it feels like 2021 is just an ongoing exercise in handling the whiplash of tough news following hopeful moments, you might want to thank Saturn. Saturn is the planet of challenges, discipline, and responsibility, and it's known for making life extra-confusing around age 30 with its Saturn return. He was a key player in 2020 with the Great Conjunction, but this year he’s ushering in new obstacles via one particular important transit: Saturn square Uranus. That cosmic occurrence helps to explain why it feels as if the entire nation is experiencing a Saturn return. But, according to astrologers, if we can collectively persevere, it could mean productive growth is to come.

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"Squares create challenges, but in the challenges present the opportunities," says transformational astrologer Corina Crysler. "This suggests work needs to happen for change to occur, but the underbelly transpires changes, bringing us back into alignment." And with Saturn square Uranus in Taurus shaping up to be one of 2021's signature astrological features, that influence will be felt.

To put the significance into perspective, know that the transit typically occurs roughly every 22 years, but it will be a direct square three times in 2021: Mark your calendars for February 16, June 14, and December 24... and then brace yourself a little for what the implications may mean.

"Saturn represents structures, organizations, corporations, governments and control. Uranus is a revolutionary and rebellious planet, and he aims to shock foundations—especially while in the earthy and material sign like Taurus.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

"Saturn represents structures, organizations, corporations, governments and control," says astrologer and tarot card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides. "Uranus is a revolutionary and rebellious planet, and he aims to shock foundations—especially while in the earthy and material sign like Taurus.”

It's understandable if that sounds scary, but to temper your nerves, know that Saturn also has a pretty auspicious role in the very humanitarian-oriented Age of Aquarius. The forthcoming era will focus on technology, innovation, equity, and helping the collective good while still recognizing everyone’s unique qualities. But in the immediate future, those points of progress might be difficult to process.

“It could signal a time of economic disruptions that, frankly, we’re already dealing with now," Marmanides says. "With Saturn in fix-it Aquarius, it could be a time where we see massive economic restructuring along with big social movements. The caution is always to prepare for disruptions, upsets and changes we may not necessarily have expected but now have to deal with.”

So how do we deal with Saturn’s challenges? A big way is by coming together in an Aquarian spirit, and looking towards concrete ways to invoke social change. The end of 2020 brought empathy fatigue and social justice burnout for many, along with masses growing tired of social distancing and life in the pandemic. Saturn is feeding us hard pills to swallow like "just because we have a new president doesn’t mean our problems are over," and "just because 2020 is over doesn’t mean COVID-19 cares" and "just because you want to nap doesn’t mean capitalism is going to bed anytime soon." The water-bearer Aquarius is handing us a tall glass to swallow those truths, but there is a lot of work to do.

To wit, Saturn squaring Uranus means there are still growing pains ahead, and that there will be resistance towards change. But if we can band together, there will also be growth with the pains. Stay hopeful and be active in social change, and we may all just come out of this so much stronger. Challenge accepted, Saturn.

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