The New Saucony Tempus Sneaker Is Podiatrist-Approved, and the ‘Most Stable Shoe’ Our Fitness Writer Has Ever Worn

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When you're just starting out as a runner, it can be overwhelming to walk into a running shoe store and see a whole wall of sneakers. There are max-cushion and anti-pronation options, "barefoot," and carbon-plated shoes. Where do you even start?

“When looking for an ideal pair of running shoes, be sure to find a pair that’s comfortable, lightweight, and provides sufficient cushioning. It should offer adequate arch support and ample heel-to-toe drop (not too much or too little),” orthopedic surgeon Kellie K. Middleton, MD, previously told Well+Good.

One shoe that fits that bill for many beginners is the Saucony Tempus ($160), which come with a supportive frame and features the PWRRUN PB cushioning with maximum energy return. The shoe is known for its smooth ride and secure fit, making it an ideal option for those who are just getting into running.

We recently asked three Well+Good staffers to try them out to see how they perform on real feet. Here's what they had to say.

Saucony Tempus — $160.00

Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm
Weight: 7.9 oz
Category: Structured cushion
Colors: 10

Rachel Kraus, Health & fitness writer

Photo: W+G Creative

What she loved: They feel solid on her feet and keep her stable
What she didn't love: They're not super cushioned

"The Saucony Tempus were one of the most stable shoes I’ve ever run in. You can tell right away that your strides will be supported by the thick, all-encompassing base. This is definitely not a soft and cushiony shoe, as the base feels harder than other support shoes I’ve tried. Rather, it’s all about giving the runner a solid foundation to learn on."

Lana Volkov, Senior manager, growth & SEO

Photo: W+G Creative

What she loved: The sturdiness
What she didn't love: They run on the narrow side (though wide options are available)

"As a beginner runner, I really liked how much comfort and support these shoes provide. They have heavily cushioned insoles which I think really sets them apart from other running shoes that I've tried before in terms sturdiness and endurance. During my run, I felt supported and stable. The shoes are on the narrow side, so I’d keep the sizing in mind in case of wider feet. In addition, I really liked the soft gray and light pink touches."

Betty Gold, Senior food editor

Photo: W+G Creative

What she loved: Built-in springiness
What she didn't love: 
The arch sits too far back

"In all honesty, the first time I put these on, I was not the biggest fan. They felt heavy on my heels and provided more support than what I was used to. But after taking them for a test run (and several lengthy walks around New York City) I started to really embrace the built-in springiness. The base on these sneakers adds a little extra cush, bounce, and spring to every step you take, and I love how easy the stretchy woven fabric upper makes putting them on.

"That being said, while the shoes fit snug and didn't pinch my toes anywhere, I felt that the arch support inside the sole of the shoe felt misaligned on my foot—it felt closer to my heel than my arch, which didn't feel right when jogging. I'll save these for long dog walks (and might try sizing down before I try them in HIIT class)!"

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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