Say Goodbye to Your $40 Drybar Blowout

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Drybar cost for a blowout in NYC

Doesn't $45 just sound like so much more than $40?

Drybar, the pioneer in-and-out blowout salon, sent an email to its New York City clients on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, saying that as of June 15, the once groundbreaking $40 price point it's known for would be a thing of the past.

"We have been at $40/blowout since we opened our first NYC location back in 2011 and have truly tried so hard to do everything we possibly can to avoid having to raise our prices," wrote founder Alli Webb. "Unfortunately, the cost of doing business in New York continues to rise every year and this has finally become unavoidable."

In addition to regular blowouts rising over 10 percent to $45, updos will increase from $80 to $90, and services for little girls from $28 to $32. Those who participate in the Barfly membership program, however, will still be able to get two blowouts per month for $75 and a freebie on their birthday.

If you can't live without your weekly blowout, there is good news. DryBar competitor DreamDry—which has fewer (but chicer) locations—is still charging $40. In fact, we're thinking it may get slightly tougher to book those pre-office hours appointments soon. —Lisa Elaine Held

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